This blog is going to be short. I hurt all over.

Getting older is not without consequences. One of mine seems to be falling. Generally down stairs. The same way all the time. I miss the last step.

I was leaving Hot Tin Roof with Don. Missed the last step. Hit hard.

I was a mess. Broke my glasses. My face looks like I have been in a fight. Left eye swollen, going black, cuts on the side. Two cuts on the chin. Another cut on the left side of my bottom lip. My right knee with three large skin scrapes. My left knee immediately swelled.

Big time bleeding. Especially from the lip. Which is still swollen this morning.

I ache all over. It seems like every part of my body hurts.

It was fortunate Don was with me. A good man to have around if you get hurt. He helped me up. A difficulty under normal circumstances. He tried to wipe away the blood. However, it kept coming. Finally he covered the cuts with pieces of paper napkins just as you would with a piece of tissue if you cut yourself shaving.

I feel rough this morning.

I was not drunk. I was out from 5-9 and only had one drink. I drank diet Pepsi at the Chart Room earlier.

This will be a day at home. No haircut, no bocce. First, because I look like Muhammad Ali did me over. Second, because I ache all over.

Enjoy your day! I expect mine to get progressively better.

7 comments on “I FELL AGAIN

  1. It happens to the best of us. Check in with dr lefferts and make sure you are ok, especially if you take blood thinners. Very easy to get uncontrolled internal bleeding from a fall.

    • I echo Cara as to the check-out after a hard fall, even if not on a blood thinner. You may have needed stitches. Maybe you should invest in a cane, they can be quite a fashion statement and even protection with a knife in the tip.

  2. Sorry to read about your fall. Has happened to me several times-embarrassing in public-as well as painful. Doctor said I should probably give up my Berkies. Not ready for that

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