I appreciate the many comments expressing concern for my well being. They came from as far away as Thailand and Italy. Two suggestions had a common tread. One was drink more. The other get a cane.

An interesting observation. The blog has made us friends. Though few of us have met face to face, we have come to know and care for each other.

I felt lousy till mid afternoon yesterday. I would have assumed I would spend the day quietly reading and writing. I did neither. Felt blah! A bit uncomfortable.

Slept well last night. Woke in good shape. An hour after waking, I feel as I did yesterday when I spent the day in bed. It looks like I will be doing the same today.

Face a bit of a mess. Left eye and left jaw. Interestingly, no bruising.

The eye is decidedly swollen on the bottom side. The cuts longer than I thought. Two in excess of an inch.

The swelling has left my mouth. Two cuts. The one that bled the most, I cannot see. It is still coated with dried blood. I tried to take it off first with cold water and then warm. It would not budge and I was not going to push it.

As soon as I finish here, I am back to bed. It felt good yesterday and I assume it will today also.

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “POST FALL DAY 2

  1. Hope your feeling better

    I intend on being entered into the face to face category of friendship as I will be in Key West in April. I have a book that needs signing


  2. Make sure you’re not experiencing any concussion symptoms. A fall like that can cause quite a jolt to the inside of your noggin, so you might want to check in with your local medic and rule that out.

    We’ve made our plans for our summer visit, so we want you running at full speed as soon as you are able! We’ll get our schedules aligned this year and do that dinner thing we talked about.

    Keep an eye on each and every step!

    Billy and Cindy

  3. Please take care of yourself. Consider this communication as another indication of readers that care about what happens to you. This ‘upstate New Yorker’ eagerly looks forward to your blog every day.
    Unbelievable how quickly those falls happen aren’t they? Hope you will go to the Dr and have yourself checked out. Sounds like you might have needed stitches. Once again, take care…or…..yep, it does seem to be generally true about the imbibing and not hurting yourself falling theory.

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