Recent news indicates three female teenagers in Britain are on their way to join ISIS in Syria. By publication date, they may have already arrived.
Two are 15 and one 16. All A students.
There are more than these three who from western countries have gone to join ISIS. Some to fight. Most to marry and have babies with  jihadists.
What is the motivation? What compels them to leave places like the United States and Great Britain? Why is Syria the primary destination?
Understand first that most/a very high number are Muslims. These young ladies feel alienated by American and British society. They have a sense of inequality. They are not assimilating. They perceive a failure on the part of western nations to give them a sense of belonging, purpose and value as Muslims and citizens.
Primarily through the internet and social networking, ISIS romanticizes the Syrian revolution. ISIS describes ISIS life as an adventure. For those seeking empowerment, ISIS portrays guerrilla warfare as fun. All three intensify the radicalization of these girls/young women.
The call to the young is to come participate in the creation of a new country and the building of a new state.. Exciting for young dreamers. Many are angered by the killings of Assad’s regime
The preceding seem romantic to female teenagers and young ladies. One that promises a meaningful life. One that gives purpose to their lives. Down deep many are seeking martyrdom in the cause of Allah. All a fantasy.
For some in explainable reason, these young people revel in the gore and brutality of ISIS. So much so that they become desensitized to the horrors being committed.
Most of the girls travel to Syria expecting to marry. A jihad. One of ISIS’ fighters. Following which they want to have babies. Not one or two. Rather they in effect wish to become ISIS breeding machines. A small number want to fight and look forward to active participation in the war along side the men.
The attraction to ISIS has been detailed. However, why primarily join the fight in Syria? ISIS is waging war in other countries. The attraction is because of a prophecy told long ago.
A battle was prophesied 1,400 years ago and they wish to participate in that struggle. The prophecy is contained in the sayings of the Mohamed and others.
The prophecy said there would be a confrontation of two huge Islamic armies. There would be a great battle near Damascus and intervention from the north and west of Syria.
The teenagers and young  ladies are unhappy with what they perceive as not having been accepted as a Muslim in the United States for example. The feeling is one of not belonging. There is another side to the story. They come to the U.S. and wish to continue living as Muslims. They dress to a degree as in the Muslim nations which they left. They want to be ruled by Sharia law. They desire only Muslim conclaves and do not wish to be assimilated.
It is easy to say let them go. Good riddance. However, they know not what they do. Many came for a better life and to escape oppression. Perhaps there is more the schools and society can do to keep them happy and here. Sort of hard to do however if you are mentally driven by a need to maintain your heritage.


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