It is amazing what my life has been relegated to. It is only seven years ago that I was handling multi-million and billion dollar environmental lawsuits.

Today it is babysitting the family pet. Yesterday was Jake’s day. I babysat him!

I was driving to get my glasses fixed. Lisa telephoned. Where are you? I need you right away. I have an appointment outside my home. There is no one to watch Jake.

I sat Jake for two hours. I had some apprehension. Jake and I have not bonded well. He growls at me. I think it is my voice.

As soon as I arrived, I sat on the floor with him. Rubbed his head. Then his back. Then Jake turned over. He wanted his belly rubbed.

I periodically fed him a pretzel.

Thereafter, I sat on the couch watching the golf tournament. Jake sat on floor next to my feet. He kept looking up at me with those big sad eyes. A rub or two and he was content.

I think Jake and I have made it. We are finally friends!

My morning started with a haircut. Lori also cleaned up my beard where I had missed.

Then to Publix for some groceries. Not much. The bill was $60 plus. I do not understand how families do it. What with the high cost of food and gas.

Bocce last night. A good time. Very warm. The sweat was running off my forehead.

We won 2 out of 3 games. Not good. We played the newest team. They had only won 3 games before playing us. They beat us in the second game.

We almost lost the third. A young lady who had never played before played for the first time. At the beginning it was obvious she was a novice. Then God was on her side! She was devastating. Almost caused us to lose the third game.

We destroyed the other team in the first game 16-4. As it should have been all three games.

Larry Smith brought his Mom to watch. Larry yells and swears a lot when playing bocce. He expresses himself. His mother had to think…..I did not teach him to behave like that!

I think Larry’s mother is 86. She has it all going for her. Sharp. Does not look her age either.

Finished the night at Don’s Place with other bocce players.

The federal government issued some numbers regarding the diversity in hospital costs. The report was a study based on Medicare and Medicaid charges. An amazing revelation! Hospitals in the same community charge different prices for the same surgery/care. Close to a $100,000 difference in some instances.

Hospital expenses are a killer. As are drug costs. I hope Obamacare gets a handle on these items.

A Great White shark has been sighted off Marathon. You will recall one was sighted off Key West last week. It is not certain whether it is the same shark or another. The suspicion is it was another. That is the fourth sighting in recent weeks.

Great Whites are not common to our waters. Scientists say they have traveled this far south this year because our waters are warmer than normal.

Authorities are trying to tag the Great Whites for all obvious reasons. So far they have not succeeded in tagging even one.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour at 10 this morning. I recorded the show wednesday because Krystal would not be available today. I plan on watching myself from the comfort of my bed.

The show will be available on its usual venues. Television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. All the way through Miami-Dade County. Via the internet world wide. www.weyw19.com.

Topics include some interesting items regarding global warming, my thoughts on Benghazi, some revealing historical data, psychiatric patient dumping, Bangladesh, euro problems in France, Germany and Spain, and more.

Join me. An interesting show. A bit of an eye opener.

Enjoy your day!


One comment on “I BABYSAT JAKE

  1. Glad to hear Jake finally accepted you! Our dogs are apprehensive of other males too. Other dogs and ladies are no problems, but men get a rise out of them.

    Not so glad to hear about the warmer waters in the Keys. I know hurricane prediction time is just around the corner and I realize what warmer temps translate to. We have a local weather guru here in St. Louis who used to be on Good Morning America for 10+ years, Dave Murray. He took his stab at predicting the hurricane season last night. Sounds like the Caribbean and southeast mainland could be prime territory this season, based on historic data and water temps. Good luck and get a generator!

    Continue to enjoy your broadcasts, keep up the interesting commentary!!

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