DAY 23…..Greece the First Time

Posted on June 19, 2012 by Key West Lou

I can’t wait to get out of Dodge!

In the past two days, I have been in an automobile accident and fallen two times.

The accident you already know about. The falls are another story.

I have been falling on a frequent basis this past year. Generally stub my toe going up stairs. Forget there is one or two more steps going down.

My first fall yesterday had nothing to do with stairs. Chaise lounges have become a problem, also.

Around lunch time yesterday, I was getting up off a lounge chair by the pool. Rising from low levels has become as much of a problem as the stair bit. I lost my balance in the process. Turned to grab the back of the lounge. Spun myself around to avoid falling. Still fell. Sprained my lower right back. I still am having spasms. Also must have strained something inside in the area of the appendix. Hurts getting up. I no longer have an appendix, however.

Last night, I decided to walk down to Chora for dinner. The previous two nights had been spent eating in the hotel. Pain and all, I was on my way.

My hotel is below street level. A dozen steps to the top and the street. I stubbed my toe on the last step. Down I went. Hard. Tried to break my fall. Somehow my right wrist got in the way. I felt something snap. Terrific! Just what I need, I thought. A broken wrist.

Three ladies were walking along the road nearby. They rushed over and attended to me. They looked scared. In spite of my protestations that I was alright. My right wrist hurt. I wanted to get up. I have already told you I have problems getting up from low levels. Especially the ground itself. I explained this to the ladies. Two of them helped me up.

No going down the hill to Chora for me last night!

I went into the hotel dining room instead. My friend Christina was running the shop. Told her I needed an ice bag and the Beefeater bottle immediately. Yes, my hotel is one of the few places in Mykonos that carries Beefeater. I believe they went out and bought it special for me.

I covered the wrist in ice. Poured my first gin. I wanted to be pain free as much as possible. Did not want to get involved with a hospital till I knew I really needed one. Like tomorrow morning.

Gin #2 followed soon after gin #1. Drank it a bit slower.Then went to gin # 3. Drank that one even slower.

By this time, between the ice and gin, I was feeling no pain.

I had no appetite. Offered my thanks and headed off to bed.

This morning told the tale. No break, fortunately. Wrist swollen. Hurts. No discoloration. Back spasms worse.

About twenty years ago, I rented a house on Block Island for a couple of weeks. The whole family came! They were sleeping everywhere!

Block Island is off the coast of Rhode Island. A terrific summer vacation place. Sun, beaches, clams, lobster, etc.

One morning my father and I were walking in town. I noticed that his head was always down as he walked. I asked him why. To see where I am stepping…..so I do not fall. He was starting to fall a lot around that time.

There was a problem in looking down all the time to see where to step and avoid a fall. He was bumping into people constantly.

I watched. My father started to get mad. He said these people are impolite. They keep bumping into me. I told him it was he who was causing the problem. He could not watch his feet and see where he was going at the same time. He refused to accept my judgment. But that is what was occurring.

I have started to have falling problems about the same time as my father did in his life. Though I am not yet at the stage where I always watch my feet. I will concede however it might help to watch them when I am going up and down stairs.

There is a point to this story about my Dad. Maybe more about me. I am my father’s son. And proud of it in spite of the adverse circumstances awaiting me.

I was up at noon. Felt pretty good. Spasms still there. Wrtist still hurting.

This is my last day in Mykonos. Hopefully. The boat people told me they are not sure the boats will be going to Amorgos tomorrow because of the continuing weather. However, they suggested a back up. Crete! Great! My Facebook friend Jimmy Brown lives on Crete. I would love to hook up with him.

I did not want to stay in bed my last day in Mykonos. I headed for Elia Beach. First time I had been there. The nicest of the three beaches I have visited. Horseshoe shaped. Towering cliffs on each side. Beautifully clear water.

And it is that kind of place! Nudity on the agenda big time!

I have eye strain.

Tonight my last meal in Mykonos. It is to be Nikos again. I was there three nights ago and loved the place. It was lamb shank buried in greens covered in a thick lemon sauce.

I who always had to know precisely where I was going, when I would arrive, where I would stay, etc. am taking everything in stride this trip. I am not sure which island tomorrow. Nor do I have a reservation at any hotel. The two islands are accustomed to travelers like me knocking on their door looking for a room.

I have changed.

Enjoy your day!

Today is definitely May Jonson’s last day. My understanding is the library is looking for May’s next diary.

A few closing thoughts.

Loved following May in her diary for two years. So have many others. Her diary also provided an inside view of Key West 1896-1897.

As earlier shared, May never got to marry “her love” Everest. She met a Naval pharmacist and married him. They traveled far and wide with the Navy. His last port of call was in the Philippines. They decided that before returning to Key West, they would take a trip around the world. Which they did.

Everest became a prominent person. His place of employment was Miami. Never picked never picked up on that in the diary readings. At some point, Everest and his brother opened a store in Miami. Then several more.

Everest became head of the Chamber of Commerce. Then Mayor. He served as Miami Mayor several times.

Learned something else. School in Key West must have been only mornings. May was always home for lunch. Lunch actually was dinner during those times.

I, as well as many others I am sure, are hopeful more of May’s diaries can be found. Our time with her has been delightful and informative.

Rush Limbaugh died yesteryear. He was 70.

He became the voice of the conservative right during his years of broadcasting. Most of his comments were to the extreme right.

I cannot recall an instance I agreed with him. Never the less, I respected his right to share his views. As I would assume he would mine.

I have always considered those I disagree with to be the “indispensable opposition.” Contrary voices must be heard. There is always an alternative point of view.

Though my disagreements were vehement, I respected his right to share his views.

I also am not speaking adversely about the man. He is dead. I am one of those who believe persons should only speak good of the dead. Let the dead lie.

Not everyone agrees with me, however. Some pretty harsh comments in the past 24 hours.

Limbaugh has been referred to as “The Bigoted King of Talk Radio.”

“A bigot and a misogynist who saturated America’s airways with cruel lies and conspiracy theories for decades, transforming the GOP in the process.”

“Men like Limbaugh are the enemies of all good people; all decent people.”

Recall Mark Anthony standing over Caesar’s body: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”

The Canadian blogger Ian Welsh: “Rush Limbaugh escapes the hell-world he created.” He was “one of he most important people in creating the modern right, driving deregulation and spreading hate and racism.”

If money is a measure of a man’s success, Limbaugh was very successful. In 2018, Limbaugh was the second highest paid radio host. His earnings $84.5 million.

Tuesday fast food workers struck in 15 states demanding a $15 minimum wage. Included in the fast food businesses were McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.

Something I never knew. What happened to the casket John F. Kennedy had been placed in in Dallas.

On this day in 1966, the casket used to carry the body of John F. Kennedy from Dallas to Washington was parachuted into oblivion.

The casket was blood stained because of the magnitude of Kennedy’s head wounds. The family decided a different casket was required for Kennedy to lie in State and be buried in.

The original casket was initially stored in a secure Washington warehouse.

At the family’s request, the casket was disposed of by the Air Force.

The casket was filled with sand bags, encased in a solid pine box, following which 40 holes were drilled into the structure, bands with metal banding tape used to encase the pine structure, and finally the structure was fitted with parachutes.

A C130 transport plane flew 100 miles into the Atlantic to a specific point where the water was 9,000 feet deep and away from shipping lines. The ensemble was dropped softly into the water because of the parachutes and sank immediately.

The President lies in Arlington National Cemetery where The Eternal Flame burns at the head of the President’s grave.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hitler had his own fanatically loyal base and he thought he was doing what was best for Germany. Just look where that got the World.

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