There has been a recent increase in the cost of gas. We are told it is the Russia/Ukraine confrontation which has caused it. I do not understand. We get very little, if any, gas from the pipelines running across Ukraine.

As usual, the oil companies are taking advantage of a crisis. The price of gas has been gone up everywhere, including the United States.

Louis’ confusion arises from a local situation.

I live outside Key West on an island referred to as Key Haven. A Shell station sits at the entrance at US 1. For two days, the cost of a gallon of regular gasoline has been $4.07. I noticed yesterday the cost at the Shell station at Kennedy and the Boulevard was $3.89. I was by the Shell on Geiger Key at lunch time. The cost $3.89. An $ .18 per gallon difference. The Boulevard Shell station is 5 miles from the Key Haven Shell. The Geiger Key one 7.5 miles.

Do you blame me for being confused? Rip off time. At least as regards the Key Haven Shell.

Haircut with Lori yesterday morning. It now takes longer to trim my beard that cut my hair.

Then visited with Lisa for a while.

I planned on writing next week’s KONK Life column in the afternoon. I stopped at Subway to grab a sandwich to take home. I needed to conserve time. The column would take most of the afternoon to complete.

Buy stock in Subway! I walked in at 12:15. The line was backed up almost to the door. Fifteen persons. No way was I going to wait. Besides being in a hurry, I hate lines.

I do not know what possessed me. However, I said the hell with it and headed up to Geiger Key. Several miles past my home. That is how I discovered that the Geiger Key Shell was selling gas $.18 a gallon cheaper.

I thoroughly enjoyed my fish sandwich lunch. Geiger Key is a relaxing place to eat.

Next week’s KONK Life column did not take as long as I thought. The title is Muslims Taking Over Sweden. I had researched the topic thoroughly prior to yesterday. I was able to complete the article in two hours.

I have not written a KONK Life column for several weeks. I took a few weeks off. Next week marks my return. With a new column title. The Key West Lou COMMENTARY. Over the years, I drifted away from a legal column to commenting on events in general. Ergo, the COMMENTARY.

Bocce last night. Horrible! Horrendous! I obviously played poorly as I expected. I had not played in five weeks. Overall however, we were not with it. Lost the first two games 16-2 and 16-1. I participated in the 16-1 defeat. The third game was close. However, we lost 16-13.

What has happened to us?

Someone asked in a Comment received this morning if bocce being played in Key West meant there was a robust Italian community. Quite frankly, I doubt that many Italians reside in the Key West area. The large number of people playing bocce come from all ethnic and economic backgrounds. The bocce courts are a United Nations unto themselves.

Enjoy your day!




One comment on “I AM CONFUSED

  1. RE: Price of gas

    Most of the cost of gas is taxation — overt and hidden.

    Surely you took Ekky-nom-icks? (The dismal science that tells us there is no free lunch. Especially if no one works to make lunch at all!)

    Gas is a complex economy and the Fed and States don’t make any easier with the regulations and different blends.

    Finally, the somewhat free market moves stuff to where it’s most demanded. And, increased costs induce conservation and substitution.

    So maybe the “rip off” station has more Customers and the cheaper one is trying to attract more?

    (Leaving aside the argument that in 1964 three silver dimes bought a gallon of gas with a free glass and trading stamps. Today, those same three silver dimes are worth a little under 6$. What changed? The gas has actually gotten better. You know that the money’s purchasing power has beed eroded by inflation. Think “penny candy”!)

    (Leaving aside that the evil oil companies make less profit on their invested capital than Apple.)


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