The world is moving fast. Sometimes too fast for me.

The newest change is using a deceased’s body as compost. Yes, turning the body into dirt and plant shrubbery, flowers, etc. with it.

Even worse, the justification is that decomposition is environmentally sound.

The Governor of Washington State has a bill on his desk awaiting his signature. Once law, it would legalize the composting of deceased humans.

Washington State has reached a point where a high percentage of bodies are cremated. Those supporting the bill point out that cremation results in carbon emissions. Composting cuts down on carbon omissions.

Even in death the option is afforded to save the environment!

Money could be involved. The cost for composition is $5,500. Comes with a guarantee that the composed remains will be used to plant a tree.

The technical name for the procedure is natural organic reduction. Sounds like basting a turkey!

The process takes a few weeks. Finally, the body turns into dirt. Soon to be used as compost.

This one bothers me! Somehow lacking in respect for the dead. Some will say cremation is the same. Never thought about it in any fashion till now.

An example of the world moving on!

Last night, a quiet one for me. Decided at the last minute to stay in. Read and watched some TV. Fell asleep early. Feel great this morning!

Kentucky Derby today! I will watch it either at the Gardens or Don’s Place.

I do not follow the horses. However a gathering to watch the race is always a cheerful event. The ladies’ hats, the mint juleps, etc.

Toppino is a highly respected name in Key West and the Florida Keys in general.

A family business involving several generations.

The business was started back in the 1930’s by Charles P. Toppino. Known to everyone as Charley.

I write about the elder Mr. Toppino because it was on this day in 1958 that he died. His children, grandchildren, great grandchildren run the business today. Actually a conglomeration of businesses. The Toppinos are into most phases of construction.

Mr. Toppino was born in Italy. He brought to the U.S. with him an unparalleled work ethic and desire to succeed. Succeed he did. If I recall correctly, it was the construction of U.S. 1 that brought Mr. Toppino to Key West. He was involved in the project.

He came, saw opportunity, and remained.

His reputation outstanding. Those running the business today the same.

A good man, a good family!

Never underestimate Trump. The man continues to amaze me.

We all know he lied when representing the Mueller Report to the people. It did not exonerate him. A good portion clearly indicates something stinks in Denmark. He will get his come up ins in due course.

Most recently, I am impressed with Trump’s audacity in telephoning Putin yesterday. A whole hour! Friends again. Probably always were.

Trump does not have anyone recording his conversations with Putin. Putin on the other hand does. Putin being a step smarter than Trump.

The two are not on the same wave length regarding what was said to each other re certain major items.

One being Venezuela.

Trump reported Putin said Russia had no interest in Venezuela. If so, why has Putin had planes and troops on the ground in Venezuela?

Russia’s response to Trump’s representation clearly indicated
Trump’s version not accurate. Putin said only the people of Venezuela can determine their future. Should be accomplished politically without outside interference.

Both men probably lying.

As I have been saying for quite a while, the bottom line is oil. Venezuela has the largest oil reserve in the world. Russia wants it. The U.S. wants it. Putin is working to once again out fox Trump.

A George Orwell quote appropriate at this juncture. Orwell wrote, “During time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump does not have anyone recording his conversations with Putin. Putin on the other hand does. Putin being a step smarter than Trump.

    I sure hope Vlad isn’t flattered by that…..since it isn’t that hard to be many steps smarter on a bad day.

    • I’m not so sure you are right on this. Trump is smart enough to know that he can do what ever he wants with impunity and no one can do ANYTHING about it. He can be impeached, but so what, he won’t be removed from office. Who’s the smart one here?

      • Of course you are entitled to feel that way. We will see what the SDNY has to say about that when we send him back to NY in 2020. Remember the real Teflon Don thought the same for a little while.

        • We can only hope this will be the outcome. But I fear that he will not let that happen by any means and that he will cheat his way to victory again. Who’s to stop him, he can’t be legally restrained or prosecuted.

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