Big week for celebrities visiting Key West.

Venus Williams and The Real Housewives of Orange County!

Venus’ visit especially noteworthy. Wednesday night, she, her boy friend and our own Laurie Thibaud sat together at Bobby’s Monkey Bar chatting, drinking and singing the evening away.

Lauri reports Venus and her boy friend very friendly to other customers and Venus a noteworthy singer.

Venus and friend are staying at Sunset Key.

Venus’ week began in Miami. She is reported to have danced “all night long” 2 nights in a row. All night means till 5 in the morning. Then shot down to Key West for a few days of sun and fun.

The Real Wives of Orange Country have been in Key West since wednesday. Flew to Miami. Drove Maserati convertibles down U.S. 1 to Key West.

They will be filming while in Key West.

Wednesday night found one of them at Bourbon Street Pub and 801. The “Original Gangsta” Vicki Gurvalson. The others remained in their hotel re-energizing. The ladies are booked into one of the new hotels on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

Bria Ansara was performing at Bourbon Street. Vicki and Bria got along famously. Took some selfies.

At some point early morning, Vicki moved across the street to 801.

Jeeps were rented for the ladies for thursday. Whatever the filming may be, it involves them driving Jeeps round town. They also visited some of Key West’s haunted homes.

The big event for today is attending a key lime pie eating contest. Where, I do not know.

An exciting few days! Venus and The Housewives!

I had my excitement yesterday afternoon when I guested on Lauri Thibaud’s radio show Party Time at 107.5 FM, WGAY FM. Laurie could not wait to share her evening with Venus Williams.

Thn to the Chart Room. Chatted with 4 men from the Portland, Oregon area. Fishermen. Came cross country to fish Key West waters.

Nice guys. We chatted about many things. One into politics as I am. Especially enjoyed his company.

They went out on Keys waters for the first time at 7 this morning.

A short article at page 3 of this morning’s Key West Citizen was titled: Pity The Fools Who Miss This Turtle’s Release.

Turtles loved in the Keys. Great concern for them. The Keys even has a Turtle Hospital in Marathon. A world wide reputation. Sick turtles are flown in from every where.

Mr. T ended up in the Turtle Hospital in early February. Mr. T a 200 pound adult male loggerhead sea turtle. Pretty sick.

He was discovered off  Tavernier. Floating. A fishing hook with trailing logged in his mouth. An endoscopy revealed Mr. T had a tear in one lung.

Mr. T was operated on. The hook removed and a blood patch applied to repair the lung tear.

Mr. T is ready to return wednesday to his home in the sea. He will be released tuesday at 3:30 on Sombrero Beach in Marathon. A couple hundred people will be there to see him off.

John Bolton is one of Trump’s henchmen. A war monger. Always looking to start a war.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Adjusting the verbiage a bit to fit Bolton: “Walk ARROGANTLY and SWING a big stick.”

Kurt Nimmo recently wrote: “Bolton and the neocons now infesting the White House are all about war, mass murder, starvation, and the engineered immiseration of millions.”

Pompeo and Bolton are birds of a feather. They are looking for a war. Any war. Presently attempting to push the U.S. into one with Venezuela.

Trump generally acts in an adverse fashion. He is a bully. Uncaringly hurts people. An evil man.

It bothers me that few Republicans stand up to him. They seem more concerned with politics rather than doing the right thing.

John Kennedy quoted Edmund Burke in a speech: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

So true.

Republicans get off your asses! Do something. Do not permit Trump to continue going unbridled.

We fail to recognize the extent to which robots are taking over. In the very near future, significantly fewer human jobs will exist because robots will have replaced the workers. Government is failing us. There are few, if any, retraining programs as yet.

Robot use has developed even further than most are aware. Certain robots now decide who gets a job, continues working, or gets fired. With no human intervention!

Such robots primarily involved with low paid workers. Software and algorithms deciding who continues working.

Amazon.com already utilizing robots in such a fashion. The robot tracks the productivity of employees and regularly fires those who under perform, with next to no human intervention.

Another example involves industrial laundry services. Robots are used to track seconds in the pressing of a shirt.

Friday. Looking forward to tonight. Have nothing to do as yet.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Lou, you have bugs in this blog… some of the time comments do not post. Don’t compel me to get President Trump to fix this too. (wow even as a joke that was painful)

  2. 60 years ago 1959 unemployment rate was 6.0%.
    Currently unemployment rate 3.8%.
    (Source: mutlpl.com)

    Currently there is much more automation, robots and computers being used than in 1960.

    Maybe continued free markets and advances in technology will have people learning new skills as has been the case for the past 60 years!

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