Happy Sunday!

My day began in different fashion this morning. Instead of up at 6 and at the computer to do the blog, I showered and went out for breakfast. My body was calling for a change of pace.

Shot down to Harpoon Harry’s. Sat at the bar enjoying eggs benedict when in walked David. Love David! One of Key West’s best people!

Enjoyed breakfast together. Sat drinking coffee afterwards and chatting.

Eggs benedict and David an enjoyable way to start a day.

Decided to watch the Kentucky Derby at the Chart Room. Got there around 5:30. Post time 6:50.

The race’s outcome an example of the inequities of life.

Initially, Maxim Security came in first. Two challenges were presented. Twenty two minutes later, Maximum Security was dropped to 17th. Country House who had come in second, moved up to 1st.

Country House paid $132.40 on a $2 bet. The odds were 65-1.

Maximum Security’s “wrongdoing” was unintentional. Coming around the last quarter post, Maximum Security drifted into the path of 2 other horses. Caused them to pull up slightly to avoid collision. Maximum Security’s jockey corrected the situation. However, the second or two was sufficient to move Maximum Security out of the winner’s spot.

An unintentional error resulting in months of work and money being obliterated. For #2 Country House, a just reward for similar effort.

Interestingly, Maximum Security’s drift in no way affected Country House.

It was a sad day for some/many at Churchill Downs and a glorious one for others.

One of those coming out on top was Tino Gonzales, a frequent visitor to Key West. A golfing and bocce friend for many years. Lives in Chicago. Attended the Derby.

Tino ran a picture of his “winning ticket” on Facebook. His ticket for the 65-1 winner Country House. He thanked the judges.

Watched the Derby with many friends. Some old, some new. Fun time!

After the race, ran into Jim and Debbie Maroney. Visiting from Rhode Island. Jim a loyal blog reader. Thank you, Jim!

We chatted a while.

Jim and Debbie live near Block Island. We talked long about Block Island. One of my favorite places for summer fun. Spent several summers there. Winter a no no. Cold, cold, cold!

Jim and Debbie retired state employees. Enjoying their retirement.

Jim and Debbie were with Kevin and Denise. Kevin and Denise live in Brooklyn or Brooklyn County, Connecticut. Never knew there was a Brooklyn in Connecticut.

Jim an electrician. Denise a special education administrator.

Key West’s Shoe Lady Stephanie Kapel had a great 2 days this week. She drove the Real Housewives of Orange County around town. Stephanie a lucky person! However also the best one for the job. Her personality right on!

A little politics to complete today’s blog.

An old saying. What goes around, comes around. Also, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Trump calls everyone names. Always not nice. The man has the tongue of a serpent.

Few if any counter. Joe Biden did this week.

Trump has been referring to Biden with several less than tasteful names. Biden retaliated only one time. Referred to Trump as a “clown.” It fits.

I trust Biden will very infrequently throw a name out in retaliation to Trump’s name calling attacks. Trump enjoys the mud. I am sick of a President who does. Biden should let the name calling slide off him and retaliate with the facts. Like Trump’s lies, wrongdoings, etc. More than enough available.

Enjoy your Sunday!


4 comments on “INEQUITIES OF LIFE

  1. Amazing how there seems to be more oversight at the Kentucky Derby for wrong doing, than there is in Washington for actions far worse.

  2. It was a sad day for some/many at Churchill Downs and a glorious one for others.

    Yes it was, so much so that Trump made some time in his busy schedule of deconstructing America to comment about it. That and one of his -tax break receiving -good buddies likely lost some scratch on the call.

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