Key West…..Heavy traffic this week? Absolutely! Without question! I moved faster escaping Irma and thought Irma’s bumper to bumper traffic was bad.

Yesterday’s traffic was the worse I have ever seen on Key West streets. The topic of conversation every where I went.

At 4 in the afternoon, it took forever to transverse the last 2 blocks of Simonton. Cars lined up bumper to bumper the whole block. Should someone want to make a left turn, the delay for cars behind 2-4 lights. The heavy traffic coming from all four directions..

Jean Thornton reported it took forever to drive from the airport earlier yesterday to her condo in Truman Annex. A first time occurrence.

Key West has a traffic problem! Includes all kinds of moving things. Cars, bicycles and pedestrians.


Reminds me of Naples 30 years ago.

Key West ordered a Master Plan for vehicular and pedestrian traffic two years ago. It finally arrived this week. It is scheduled to be discussed at the 1/15 Commission meeting.

I am curious as to its recommendations. Especially since the Plan’s cost to correct Key West’s traffic problem has slipped out: $28.6 million.

Can’t be real!

My yesterday began with Lori. Haircut time. I noticed at noon on the way to Lori’s that traffic coming into Key West was unusually heavy. Then when it reached the Boulevard even more heavy. Even side streets.

Did a one and a half hour radio show with Laurie beginning at 3:30. Laurie’s show. I was guest appearing. Showed called Party with a Purpose. Search it out on 107.5 FM. Laurie is on 3 afternoons a week.

Many blessings and sins covered. The new traffic master plan, Terri White’s 5 night engagement at the Little Room Jazz Club, how Terri has taught us the blind can see, Florida’s generous increase in the minimum wage effective 1/1 of 21 cents an hour, University of California study indicating those persons who consume alcohol generally and were obese in their 70’s will live to their 90’s as opposed to those who abstain and have slim bodies, the shut down, Congress should not be paid during the shut down, how till this year Congressional persons guilty of sexual indiscretions had their settlements paid by a special slush fund of taxpayer dollars available to Congress persons, and I can’t recall what else.

An interesting time. Laurie and I interact well.

Following the radio show, crossed the street to the Chart Room.

Jean and Joe Thornton back. Arrived yesterday. Jean went back to Birmingham 9 days ago for the Christmas holiday. Joe has not been to Key West in several months.

My saviors during Irma. I escaped to their Birmingham home for 12 days.

Shelia with them.

Topic of conversation: The traffic! So much. More than normal this time of the year. Something has to be done, etc.

Jean and Joe left for La Trattoria for dinner and then Terri White. A couple from Hope Sands, Florida replaced them on the stools next to me.

Nice people!

Named Jean and Joe, also.

Jean a manicurist. Joe a retired sheriff’s deputy. Joe now owns and operates a private investigation service.

Met Todd Cavinder. Staying at the Pier House with his 2 daughters for the holiday. Todd operates an elevator company in the Myrtle Beach area.

New Year’s Eve a few days away. I am attending Terri’s performance at the Little Room Jazz Club. Then hit a few bars. Finally watching one of Key West’s balls dropping at midnight.

This year I will be somewhere in the jammed street surrounding Bourbon Street Pub. Sushi drops in a red shoe at midnight. The shoe 8 feet long with a 4 foot heel.

CNN will cover it. Anderson Cooper will be discussing the drop from New York City.

Sushi has been dropping in the red shoe at midnight New Year’s Eve for 22 years.

Richard Overton died tuesday at 112 years of age. Wow! The oldest World War II veteran and the oldest man in the United States.

Overton African-American. Fought in World War II. Not as a cook. He was part of a special all black engineering group known as the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion.

He was sent to Pearl Harbor within days of December 7. Then fought in the liberation of Guam, Okinawa, Palau, and Iwo Jima.

As to Iwo Jima, he said, “I only got out by the grace of God.” Iwo Jima is considered the most difficult Japanese held island U.S. forces captured.

The wall, the wall, the wall! After a while, all the talk too much.

Some one said regarding the wall that Trump and his supporters are living in a FOX News bubble. Makes sense.

The Republicans are using the wall to raise funds. A recent fund raising appeal: Become members of “Official Build The Wall Members.” The following was contained within the appeal: “This is your opportunity to go down in HISTORY as one of the American Patriots that saved our country and built The Wall.”

Brain washing at its worse!

Came across a line from Romeo and Juliet this morning. One I have not read in a while. Decided to share it with you. No particular reason. Just sounds good!

“What’s in a name? / That which we call a rose / By any other word would smell as sweet.”

I am home this evening. Syracuse plays West Virginia in the Camping World Bowl in Orlando.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Instead of building a wall, why don’t we all remember this little tidbit.
    “Federal law requires employers to hire only U.S. citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in the country,”

  2. Why did GM move some production to Mexico? Because capitalism dictated it. Auto workers were making $60 an hour and GM couldn’t turn a profit. Is Trump going to eliminate capitalism? Or is he going to force labors &/or shareholders to take less?

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