Title written with tongue in cheek.

The State of Florida should be ashamed!

A new minimum wage goes into effect January 1. A raise of 21 cents an hour. From $8.25 to $8.46 per hour. Tipped employees will receive a similar increase of 21 cents an hour. From $5.28 to $5.44.

The tourist business is booming in Florida. Key West an example. Hotels, guest houses, restaurants and bars doing a booming business. If the working staff were paid a just living wage, problems such as affordable housing and the homeless would be less.

A limited evening last night. The Blue Macaw for an hour. Packed with tourists. I was not with it. Left after an hour and returned home to watch television.

I was there to hear Terri White sing at 7:30. Did not make it. Donna was coming into the parking lot as I was leaving. I could hear her calling out…..Where are you going?

Few locals. At Macaw, I only knew Angie. Proprietor of that wonderful tropical item store Crystals and Coconuts. Angie refers to them as “tropical treasures.”

Visit her store at 803 Whitehead. It’s different.

Friend Terri opens a 5 night engagement beginning this evening at The Little Room Jazz Club. Titled On Broadway. A place where Terri spent a llifetime performing.

Show time 8.

My present plans are to spend New Year’s Eve listening to Terri perform.

Speaking of tourists, the town is full of them. Good! So many. The streets bulging. People using the streets. I spent one block last night on Duval driving behind a walking group of 5. They covered my lane and were partially in the opposite lane.

Radio show time for me from 4-5 today. Laurie Thibaud’s show Party With A Purpose on 107.5 FM. Laurie is on from 3-7.

Did it for the first time last week. We had fun. Have decided to do it as a regular thing.

A talk/music show. The talk covering everything. Whatever moves us at the moment.

Laurie is quick witted. Her words sometime rhyme. Unusual. Come out of her like that.

Strange things have been frequent occurrences in Key West over the years. Would you believe a Klu Klux Klan? Surprises me.

In 1921, a group of prominent citizens formed a Klan. The charter titled Florida’s klan No. 42. Small k on klan as it appears on the Charter.

Most Key West prominent citizens were charter members. All recognizable today. Key West streets named after them.

The Key West Klan was not anti-black. They were anti-Semitic. Surprising! Jews were considered a “foreign element.”

They were snuck into Key West from Cuba. Not necessarily to remain. For most, New York and Chicago were intended final journey venues.

I find the Klan thing hard to believe. Belieeve it I do, however. Here almost 100 years later, anti-Semitism, anti-black, anti-gay, anti-anything, does not exist. Key West is without question One Happy Family.

Tomorrow Syracuse’s first football bowl game in I cannot recall how many years. That many. Too many.

Syracuse plays West Virginia in the Camping World Bowl in Orlando. Game time 5:15.

Both teams evenly matched. Syracuse 9-3, West Virginia 8-3. Syracuse a one point favorite.

The roller coaster stock market went in the opposite direction yesterday. Instead of dropping, it went up 1,028 points. A single day record.

Glad it went up. Does not impress me, however. Day traders buying in cheap.

If the up and down continues, recession will occur. For which our dear President will be responsible. The market reflects his instability.

I close with Donald Trump.

He lied again. Whether a lie or he just does not know, I am not sure. However, he should know of that which he speaks.

Yesterday. Trump in Iraq talking to the military. He took credit for giving them their first pay raise in 10 years. A 10 percent one.

Never happened. A falsehood from the get-go.

The military does get raises. Every year. In a minimal amount. In recent years, in the 2.0 area. 2018 was 2.4 percent. 2019 will be 2.6. The increases set legislatively years ago.

Enjoy your day!

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