Too much seriousness lately. A bit of levity in order.

The Lone Ranger.

Virtue and honor.

His loyal horse Silver and Indian side kick Tonto.

The Lone Ranger…..Hi-yo, Silver! Away! Tonto…..Me Tonto, you Kimosabe.

I loved the Lone Ranger. Grew up with him on the radio in my youth. On TV in my early adult years.

The Lone Ranger debuted in 1933 as a Detroit radio show. The brainchild of two WXYZ staff. They backed the show with the theme from the William Tell Overture.

The show probably succeeded because of the Lone Ranger’s character. Fidelity to a strict code of conduct. He never smoked, swore, drank alcohol. His speech was grammatically correct, free of slang. He never shot to kill.

We need another Lone Ranger to please us, to show us right from wrong in the most basic of ways.

Spent yesterday afternoon researching my tuesday night podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Spent a few hours in the later afternoon and early evening with Liz. Enjoy her company. We chatted over drinks and a light dinner.

Liz still a die hard Trump supporter. Surprises me. Then again, I am surprised at all who support Trump. In spite of his recent mishaps, she still thinks he is doing and will do great things. From a woman who was Dean at two law schools!

The weather. Cold this morning. Sixty one degrees at 6 when I woke. I need a wife or girl friend to sleep next to.

The high today 72.

An example of how the weather affects southerners as opposed to northerners. About 8, I went downstairs to make a cup of tea. Per my usual custom, I opened the doors to my deck. Cold!!!

The house across the water from me is a renter. There outside was a woman walking around in a bikini. My blood thin. Hers thick so 60 degree weather does not bother her.

Lynda Frechette returns tomorrow night at Aqua with Aqua Idol. Her fundraising vocal competition. An annual event. A lot of work. Do yourself a favor. If in Key West, stop by at 6 and enjoy.

Many of Trump’s executive orders are causing upheaval and concern. The immigration/refugee order one of them.

It is coming out that the order, as well as most of the executive orders Trump signed this past week, are the work of two White House advisers. Done without consultation with appropriate Cabinet Secretaries and their staffs.

Two have gained power with Trump. Appear to be leaders of the White House Office team.

One is Stephen Miller. Thirty one. It blows my mind that a 31 year old is suggesting and making major decisions. Young is ok. however more years are required to garner the experience to make the correct judgment. Can’t beat experience.

Miller is a bit of an extreme. He accused poet Maya Angelou of racial paranoia. He was secretary to Congresswoman Michele Bachman. a nut in her own right. From 2009 to 2016, an aide to Senator Jeff Sessions.

The other is Stephen Bannon. He has an abnormal influence over Trump. He is in the process of solidifying himself as the power figure in Trump’s office.

Breitbart News is a white supremacy website. Bannon was Executive Chairman till moving into the White House. Donald Duke and the KKK announced Bannon’s strategist appointment an excellent one.

Bannon is anti-Semitic. Democrats and Republicans alike oppose him. The man is simply bad news.

Someone said this past week that Bannon makes Cheney look like Mother Teresa,

What goes around comes around!

Oliver Cromwell lead the move to depose the English King. Had him beheaded. Cromwell established a new English Commonwealth to replace monarchy government.

Cromwell ruled with an iron fist. When he died, the power went with him. A year after Cromwell’s death, the monarchy was restored.

Cromwell in death was tried for treason. Found guilty. His body was buried at Westminster Abbey. It was disinterred. His dead body was then hung from the gallows.

Cromwell’s popularity really had diminished!

Al Jolson visited Key West around this time in 1947. He attended a U.S. Navy event and later attended a March of Dimes campaign event at the Casa Marina.

Going Live with Key West Lou fundamentals finally locked in. I am pleased with the past weekend’s shows. Camera and Louis coordinated. I am at ease.

Check the show out on your cell phone. App Facebook. Enter Key West Lou. There I’ll be. See and hear me.

Enjoy your day!


13 comments on “HI-YO, SILVER! AWAY!

  1. Louis, your KW weather this winter has been
    more like our old friend Hackley’s back in
    the 1800s. So much for global warming/climate change
    lies all lies.

    • Yep, real scientific there Diana. Must love you some Trump and his big mouth. Maybe read some peer reviewed scientific journals or visit Barrow, AK. It was really warm way up there all last year. Warm again now. But, of course, why worry right? You will be gone when all the bad stuff goes down, let the grand kids deal with it, they’ll love you for it.

  2. “We need another Lone Ranger to please us, to show us right from wrong in the most basic of ways.”

    I’d take the Lone Ranger over Trump any day! What a mess. I can only hope it is the last gasp of the past century and their horse and buggy ideas.

  3. I too have a difficult time with those who passionately support Trump.
    It is as if all logic was tossed away. All the warning signs were plain to see yet many ignored them or gave him a pass. I have not witnessed a more repugnant and unworthy candidate, yet he succeeded. If the Trump voters continue to turn a blind eye then they will will cross the line from supporter to enabler. Trump used the middle class, appealed to a sense of pride in county and jobs. Well, hell who isn’t for that but not at the expense of the environment, safeguards for consumers and employees, civil rights or human rights. America is better than that, we are a great nation of liberty and compassion, a land of opportunity. Trump sold the voters on a nation in disrepair, he amplified fear and despair, his message of carnage was inaccurate and irresponsible. Trump is a bigot,hypocrite, charlatan, and carnival barker. Nearly 20 candidates on the GOP side and this is what sits in the Office of the President. To his credit Trump is getting America to wake up and participate, I expect frequent pushback in the form of protest. My guess is mid-term elections will show an increase in voter participation and that isn’t good for Trump.

  4. I have started calling out the name calling on posts to FB. it just needs to stop. It only points out that the person cannot write a considerate and thoughtful post sourcing their facts from reputable sites, so they resort to name calling…”libtards” and “snowflakes” being most popular fallbacks. Fred’s language in these comments is the perfect example. Rather than provide a verifiable, considerate and thoughtful post, he resorts to name calling.

    Lou, my husband Mark and I were recalling our very enjoyable happy hour at Martin’s with you around this time last year. We look forward to meeting up with you again in the future!!!

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