Hemingway’s key to brilliant writing: “I wake in the morning and my mind starts making sentences, and I have to get rid of them fast – talk them or write them down.”

Captain Frank was one of Key West’s most beloved persons. Everyone’s friend. Especially Jean Thornton’s with whom he frequently dined.

Steve Thompson wrote of Captain Frank.

Captain Frank worked the waterfront for over 40 years. When he passed there were many tears.

He had the best of jobs, he was a captain of choice.

I never once heard him raise his voice.

When he got here, that area was rough. You had to be smart as well as tough. There were only shrimp boats at Key West Bight. Now there’s not a shrimp boat in sight.

Frank was there for all those changes in town. It’s sure not the same without him around.

Spent yesterday in my sweltering home. Air conditioning broke. Fans going. Not enough, however. Sat waiting for repair men. Then several hours more while 3 men repaired the system. Apparently several things wrong.

I was impressed how swiftly they worked. Ran up and down the stairs. Told me how busy they have been because of Ian. Plus people like me whose system broke down for reasons not Ian related.

You can’t appreciate air conditioning till you are forced to go without. No matter how short the time.

Another star in the heavens. Angela Lansbury died yesterday. She was 96.

Lansbury was a beloved leading lady. Her extraordinary career extended over seven decades. In movies and on stage.

She last performed at age 90.

May she rest in peace.

Bess Levin continues to call them as she sees ’em. Her latest Donald Trump’s bigotry. The title of her recent article: Donald Trump An Even More Horrible Bigot Than Previously Thought. As reflected in the article’s opening sentence: “From mistaking non-white Congressional aides for waiters to phoning around to find out if he’s shaken hands with a gay person, it turns out that the ex-President is literally a bottomless pit of hate.”

President Biden warns ‘consequences” for Saudi Arabia’s oil production cut. He would not reveal them, however.

My President, don’t pussy foot around. Strike back before gas prices have a chance to move rapidly upward.

Strike hard!

I agree with many others that the U.S. should pull its military out of Saudi Arabia. The military stationed there for years to protect the Saudis from a hostile invasion. Stop selling the Saudis military equipment, also. Let them rely on Putin and Russia to defend them and for everything military.

See how quickly Saudi Arabia and Opec+ changes its position.

Enjoy your day!



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