So many important things happening today. So many important news items being announced. Which is more important? Frankly, all of them!

The January 6 Committee appears publicly. Perhaps its last appearance. Leaks suggest many items concerning Trump. Whatever the information, whoever about, it has been promised the Committee will reveal “pretty surprising” new information. Re Trump, the suggestion is the information will be he presents a “clear and present danger.”

Inflation news brought no surprises. Prices have been going up all year, especially regarding food.

The September to September report indicates an 8.2 percent rise in inflation. Groceries and fuel the highest items.

Social Security recipients will receive a benefit, however. COLA will increase monthly checks beginning in January by 8.7 percent. The largest increase in decades.

Alex Jones will spend the rest of his life wishing he had kept his mouth shut. The defamation jury brought back a total award just less than $1 billion. The parents of the dead children may never see a penny. However they will receive some satisfaction in knowing the judgment will harass Jones till the day he dies.

Anti-Saudi feeling is growing. The U.S. “friend” stabbed the U.S. in the back. At the same time humiliating President Biden.

Saudi Arabia must pay. Pay immediately. All U.S. troops should be recalled. All military equipment also.

Two U.S. important missile sites are located in Saudi Arabia. Washington sources recommend they be pulled immediately and sent to Ukraine or some NATO nation.

Does Mika have an enemy working in the Morning Joe studio? A camera person?

Once yesterday and twice today the camera showed a low table sitting next to Mika. The table looked like a junk heap. Several items. Like a large purse, maybe a sweater and other items.

No reason for the camera to have swung so low. A low blow to Mika if someone intended to embarrass her.

Gas prices are supposed to go up. Such has not yet occurred in Key West.

Two weeks ago, one gallon of gas cost $4.47. One week ago, $3.99. Yesterday, $3.87.

You explain.

Enjoyed a late lunch yesterday at Harpoon Harry’s. Devoured the wednesday turkey special. Thanksgiving dinner, trimmings and all.

Dined with Roger Keast. Rather at his table. The table where his wife Cheryl affixed his ashes to the bottom side of the table top.

On the way out, my cell phone rang. It was Jean Thornton. She had returned to Key West the night before.

We are both stone crab freaks. We are meeting at 6 sunday at the Chart Room. To be followed by stone crabs somewhere.

Syracuse plays North Carolina State saturday. Big game! Syracuse ranked #18 with a 5-0 record. North Carolina State #15 with a 5-1 record.

Syracuse a 4.5 point favorite.

The game at Syracuse. Already 45,000 tickets sold.

I look forward to this afternoon. I hope the January 6 Committee session will be as interesting as I expect.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Do you mean that Letter to the Editor, the Rupert Murdock paper titled “Biden Got Rolled by Saudi Arabia”? What do you bet that piece had a GOP return address?

    You are a troll.

    • Rupert’s Wall St. Journal Editorial Board is widely known as nothing more than a right wing propaganda machine for political purposes, particularly in the weeks leading up to an important election. Their true “other perspective” being anything and everything to keep ANYTHING Biden is doing from looking good. Their “other perspective” includes not criticizing Alex Jones, Marjory Taylor Green, Ron Desantis or anything else that doesn’t suit their purposes.

      If anyone anywhere wants to know “another opinion” they can find many ways without your trolling Lou’s blog with your obvious perversions.

      • I’m tired of some people trying to tell me I should be listening to people like Rudy Giuliani’s (and other’s like him) view of things from another perspective. He’s burned that bridge and so has the Wall Street Journal Editorial section.

        …and I don’t need trolls telling me where to find political garbage.

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