Fascism is on the rise in the U.S. and other countries. Accompanied by the anti-Semitism which is an integral part of it.

I received a comment this morning to a comment by me re fascism in yesterday’s blog. The comment received: “What happened to Never Again?”

Well asked, Leonard.

Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican J.D. Vance vying in the Ohio Senatorial race. Debated for the first time last night.

Ryan pulled no punches. Called them as he saw them. Reminded Vance how Trump called him an “ass-kisser” at an earlier Republican rally. More importantly, how Vance took the insult.

Joe Scarborough reminded his listeners this morning how Vance in 2016 publicly said, “Christians can’t vote for Donald Trump.”

Ryan slightly behind. Ohio heavily Republican. Has supported Trump in the last two Presidential elections. It appears the better and more honest Senator would be Ryan. Hope he wins.

On this day in 1991, Anita Hill testified before the Senate Judiciary  Committee where she accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. The next day, Thomas responded to the Committee that the proceeding was a “high-tech lynching.”

I watched on TV. The whole nation did.

I found Hill believable. Thomas not. His “high-tech lynching” statement delivered in high emotion.

As a Justice, I have found Thomas lacking. His whole judicial career. One of the worst Supreme Court Justices ever.

His first 25 years on the bench, I doubt he asked one question. Strange because that is what Supreme Court Justices do. I attributed his silence and still do to his lack of intelligence and fear it would reveal itself.

Joe Biden was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee at the time. I have always been a fan. Not during the Thomas proceeding, however. Biden was chauvinist. Treated Hill in a condescending fashion. He disappointed me by not giving Hill the respect she was entitled to as a voluntary witness in an important proceeding.

The most recent Putin missile salvo is the “first episode” of Russian revenge for the Crimea Bridge bombing. So sayeth Vladimir Putin.

Zelensky will retaliate. As he should. Ukraine should bomb whatever building houses Putin’s offices. His West Wing, so to speak. I am not sure which Moscow building it is. The Kremlin? The Kremlin is a series of historical Russian buildings. I would suspect that is where. However, not sure.

Wherever, do it.

The Russian people are aware  Putin set the “war” scenario in operation. He will bear the blame for bringing the “war” to the streets of Moscow.

Perhaps the Russian people will rise in revolt.

I was in the mood for two things last night. Sally O’Brien’s and liver and onions.

Sally O’Brien’s was desolate. Ian had flooded the restaurant. Only about one third of the usual crowd there. Painting, etc. has to be redone. The sense of the flooding remained, though no water visible.

The liver and onions were not affected. My mother would be proud that I remember her cooking the dish and still enjoy it so many years later.

I returned home to a huge dripping sound. In the middle of the living room. A one foot in diameter ceiling leak. Too late for Ian. I assume it is the air conditioner.

No  significant damage. Placed a huge pan underneath and turned off the air conditioner. Hopefully repair man will come today. Still mid 80’s in Key West. I am writing at the moment with the ceiling fan going full blast.

Enjoy your day!

One comment on “FASCISM ON THE RISE

  1. Republicans do not vote for the individual, they vote for the “party.” That they do not care about “getting along” they are all about “getting in line!”

    Now that the republican party is clearly corrupt and full of felons and idiots, yo would think they would reject a party of people clearly not interested in governing and only interested in enriching themselves.

    It seems to me that republican voters need to look themselves in the mirror and come to grips with who THEY themselves really are!

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