Another example of decline in the U.S. in religious attendance. Hebrew schools are experiencing a significant drop-off. Enrollment fell by roughly 50 percent between 2006 and 2020. Information re the reduction can be found in a report by The Jewish Education Project, a nonprofit that supports Jewish educators.

The Hebrew schools are commonly referred to as supplementary Hebrew schools. Students attend in addition to public or secular private schools to learn the Hebrew language, Jewish rituals and history.

The number of schools that closed during the period covered in the study was 536.

I had an echo test at my heart doctor’s office yesterday. Deborah the echo tech performed the test. A charming woman. Originally from New York and California.

She “did me” last year also. May she do me next year and for many years to come. If I continue to be available for the test means I am still alive!

Treated myself to a late lunch after the test at Hogfish.

A 30 ton fin whale got into difficulties at sea off Bridington, East Yorkshire, England. Fifty five feet long. The whale washed up on the beach and died.

The whale’s body has become a macabre tourist attraction.

Authorities are having a problem. How to remove the carcass without cutting it up? The issue is still under consideration.

Cause of death has not been determined.

Supreme Court disclosures remind me of the song Onward Christian Soldiers. The adverse disclosures keep moving on as the Christian soldiers did. One consideration involved. The Christian soldiers marched in a noble cause. Nothing noble about the wrongdoings of the Justices or their spouses.

Yesterday two more negatives revealed re Clarence Thomas. His sugar daddy paid very expensive tuition for Thomas’ great nephew who he considers his son. At two different schools. Total dollar amount exceeding $100,000.

Then there is Clarence’s wife Ginni. She has developed a hell of a track record on her own. Yesterday it was revealed she emailed 29 Arizona legislators to overthrow Biden’s victory by appointing new electors.

The media has gone easy on Chief Justice Roberts so far. It wants Roberts to testify before Congress expecting him to tell Congress how the Court will clean itself up or whatever. Good luck! He is not going to testify. Forget the separation of powers argument. His reason is the $10.3 million his wife Jane was paid on her job selecting attorneys to work for law firms.

Clarence and Ginni Thomas, John and Jane Roberts, and Neil Gorsuch named so far. Only the tip of the iceberg. More to come. As sure as the sun rises every morning.

Proud Boys lengthy 5 month trial finally came to an end. Charged were 5 leaders of the organization. Four were convicted of seditious conspiracy. All 5 convicted of other charges. Four face up to 50 years in jail, one 30 years.

Re January 6, the court system is working as it should. Three cases, convictions in all. Plus a multitude of minor convictions and pleas of guilty in other cases.

Next, the big one. Trump and other leaders of the insurrection. Assuming grand jury indictments are forthcoming.

Caught Trump on TV playing golf in Ireland yesterday. He claimed the New York rape trial was unfair, he was upset, etc. He sounded genuinely pissed off. An act however I am sure. Claimed he was returning to the U.S. to testify at the trial.

The proof portion of the trial ended yesterday. Summations, the court’s charge and the case going to the jury scheduled for monday. For all practical purposes, the case is over.

Not for Donald. Never for Donald. He always seems to get his way with manipulating the court system.

Trump’s attorneys said he was neither going to appear nor testify. Now he “says” he wants his day in court.

The judge is bending over for him. The judge announced that Trump has till 5 pm sunday to advise whether he will appear to testify.

Bravado Donald will not appear. His gambit all a show.

I am irritated. How many chances does Trump get? The judicial system bends over to accommodate his whims. No one else would receive such courtesies. Makes it appear Trump can use the judicial system as he choses. As if he owned it. I am referring to how he uses the system, not the results he gets. Trump has to be the biggest loser in history when it comes to final court decisions.

I guarantee Donald will not be in court monday to testify. His plane may break down, he may get sick, etc. Some excuse will be forthcoming.

Tomorrow, the Kentucky Derby. 

On this day in 1973, Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby. The first of his Triple Crown victories.

A big time Key West musical week! The 27th Annual Key West Songwriters’ Festival. It will run through the 7th.

Highlights daily. A special one saturday night. A free “block party” in the 200 block of Duval. A high energy event headlined by Michael Ray.


A Citizens’ Voice comment today: “Attention, all Key West octogenarians – a South Carolina woman predicts your death within the next 5 years. Be careful, be very careful.”

How do I describe her statement/prediction? Such arrogance. Of course many of us in our 80’s may be no more in the next 5 years. Some will make it, however. Even to their 100’s.

My 80ish friends, enjoy your lives. What will be, will be. There is merit to that old saying to eat, drink and make merry, for tomorrow we die. We just don’t know when. Ergo, take advantage of every day. Just don’t abuse your body. It could have a negative effect.

A manicure at noon with Tammy. I try to live well.

Enjoy your day!


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