A special day. Basked in tradition. The Coronation of Charles III and the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby.

I have watched better than half the Coronation this morning. Emotional. The sense of tradition at the forefront. Bless the English. They know how to do it.

Both the King and Queen were deserving of the honor bestowed them. Charles literally waited a lifetime. He is in his early 70’s. Camilla of non-royal blood who spent a lifetime initially as Charles lover and then wife. 

Strange Kentucky Derby this year. The 147th running of the Derby marred by the pre death of four horses. Twenty were to have run. The number dropped to 16. Three horses have been substituted in. Still one short of the 20.

One hundred fifty thousand will attend the Derby. It has been reported 522,000 cans of beer, 142,000 hot dogs, and 120,000 mint juleps will be consumed.

This year’s race bears a special interest on my part. A relatively new friend and part of the Boys Night Out group is Reiley McDonald. I mentioned him following our last gathering at La Te Da. Reiley owns a piece of Forte. Forte is the favorite in today’s race.

I wish Forte and Reiley well. I will be pulling for them.

Ginni Thomas’ reputation is growing by leaps and bonds. She is out of the shadows. A good factor. Out where all can see the corruption that cloaks her.

Ginni Thomas has had a trading stock for years. I was unaware. It was announced her stock will soon be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The recent notoriety though bad, has been healthy for the stock. Her success in life amazing. Wife of a Supreme Court Justice and “owner” of a major corporation.

Her stock is being recommended as a “strong buy.”

Bess Levin published an article yesterday in Vanity Fair re Ginni: “Oops: Ginni Thomas’s Firm Also Received Cash Payments From A Conservative With Business Before The Supreme Court.”

Hide the money! Which she did.

Levin’s opening sentence to the article: “It sure sounds like Clarence and Ginni Thomas are the most corrupt couple in Washington.”

Levin points out during “the last month, a picture of corruption…..Any other government employee would be fired for much less.”

Clarence and Ginni will likely experience no repercussions. Such is wrong!!!

Yesterday turned out to be one of horrors for me.

I had several things to accomplish. Eight in number. Made a list and the order in which I would do what had to be done. Got through the first 7. Eight would have been too much. I was totally exhausted. Wiped out.

I worked at the list from 5am to 3 pm. Five in the morning not unusual. I begin my blog around that time each morning. The wipe out arrived with #7. I went to the hospital for x-rays. Sign in normally has three persons. Only one yesterday. Apparently all day. It took around 2 1/2 hours to sign in. 

The sign in person was very apologetic. She acknowledged things got screwed up and was sorry. No sweat, I assured her.

Actually, it was. Sitting around waiting is what did me in.

I had 3 parts of my body to be x-rayed. Fifteen pictures. Took less than 10 minutes when they finally got to me. Two and one half hour wait for less than 10 minutes of service. Bad day at Black Rock!

I went home and directly to bed. Fell asleep for 3 hours.

Slept well last night. Feel fine today.

Busy afternoon ahead. Sloan and I will be working again on Jack Baron and some other items. About 2 hours work involved.

Enjoy your day!

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