Shooting and gun killing has become the All American sport. A game played daily.

The two most recent occurred in Atlanta and Oklahoma.

An Atlanta hospital shooting killed 1 and injured 4. In Oklahoma, a sex offender fatally shoot his wife, her 3 children and 2 teen girls before killing himself.

When is all this shooting going to stop? The solution lies with our elected representatives. Especially legislators on the state and federal scene. Eighty percent of Americans know serious gun controls are needed. Elected officials know also. However, they are reluctant to do the right thing. They are fearful of losing NRA political contributions and support.

They are “stupids!” Most will still win elections if they buck the NRA and openly support the desires of 80 percent of the American people. The problem is they are “cowards” as well as stupid.

American voters must rebel against them and only vote for candidates who openly promise to vote the necessary laws to limit guns.

On this day in 1970, Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire during an anti-Vietnam protest at Kent State University. Four students were killed, nine wounded.

I remember the event well. I was 35 years old at the time.

The event and shooting was a total screw up. Everyone was protesting the Vietnam War at the time. Even private citizens in street marches. Doctors, lawyers, ministers, etc.  University protests were common.

The Kent State protest by students began on May 1. It grew by day and became a mountain developing from a mole hill. Nixon was anti-protest. He had run for reelection against them. He was still arguing against them on May 1. University and the local Mayor panicked from day one. The Governor lost his head.

A small student group of protesters turned into 500. One thousand more were standing around watching by May 4. The Governor sent in 1,000 National Guardsmen armed with tear gas and loaded weapons. By May 4, the area looked like a war zone. The Guardsmen began tear gassing the day before. The students retaliated by throwing rocks.

On the 2nd or 3rd, the Mayor and Governor declared a state of emergency. After the shooting events of the 4th, neither could recall actually having done so.

On the 4th, 500 students were at the top of a hill on the campus. Another 1,000 were standing nearby watching, but not participating. On the bottom were 1,000 Guardsmen. The students were moving down the hill. Nothing of any consequence occurring. The story gets muddled at this point. The one I have always believed is that one of the Guardsman shot into the 500 students. The students panicked and began running in every direction to avoid the shooting. Spectator students began running also.

Some student(s) were shot in the back, some were merely observers, and one was not involved in any fashion. She was walking to a class.

Investigation determined 28 Guardsmen shot 61-68 bullets into the students. 

The country went wild. Hundreds of colleges and universities closed in protest. Demonstrations occurred nationwide.

The shooting was described as a “massacre.”

The nation was aroused. Vietnam protests increased. It was a sad day for the 4 students killed and 9 wounded, the University, and America itself.

Some believe it was not Watergate alone that brought Nixon down. They believe Kent State was involved also.

Russia is claiming the U.S. is behind the alleged Ukraine drone attack on the Kremlin. Putin speaking. Reminds one of Trump. The compulsion of both men to lie.

Jefferson B. Brown a Key Wester. Born in Key West June 6, 1857, died 87 years later in 1937.

He was a local political leader. Distinguished attorney. Wrote “Key West The Old and The New.” Published the book in 1912. A history of Key West. I have relied on his work a number of times over the years for items of historical significance. I have his entire book loaded into my computer.

Water pressure, lack of water, problems with FKAA, contributed to the following comment in today’s Citizens’ Voice: “Rumor is that the FKAA will recommend showering with a friend.”

Could be fun!

“Money” continues to float in Keys waters. Sixteen bricks of cocaine weighing 41 pounds were found floating off Islamorada. Street value $640,000.

Have to move fast. I have an echo heart test scheduled for later this morning.

Enjoy your day!





  1. You continue to generously teach in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your memories of the Kent State protest. I remember the first time I was devastated by the news of a shooting. It was at Columbine. I cried watching the news. Nowadays, when I wake up in the morning, I often wonder about “how many” shootings will happen today. I don’t go out, unless I absolutely must and when I do, I am always scared of what might happen in public places. It’s not healthy, to say the least. Thank you again for sharing your memory of the protests.

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