From Trump’s perspective, the truth is whatever he says at a particular time.

His tune is changing once more. From the election was fraudulent/rigged to my intent was to advise the people I thought elections should be properly conducted. Nothing more.

A far cry from 63 lawsuits and a ton of false utterances. The man is not stupid. He saw his cry of fraudulent balloting was one of diminishing returns. Many Congressional Republicans were beginning to steer away from him.

No way to help Republicans win in 2022 and he himself in 2024.

What Trump is silently saying is I miss the attention I was getting. I require it. I promise to behave. Give me one more chance. I’ll change.

He must also sense the sky may be ready to fall on him. January 6, his tax returns, his many wrongdoings, etc. All coming to the forefront at the same time.

Trump’s first opportunity to evidence his change will take place between now and wednesday. A federal judge has given Trump till wednesday to challenge the Department of Justice’s order requiring the IRS to surrender his tax returns to Congress.

A “new” Trump would make sure no appeal is filed. Evidence of the old Trump would be the filling of an appeal.

Court fights ad infinitum have been Trump’s life time way of handling disputes. Especially in the political sphere. And before the Presidency, to thwart bill collectors.

Is there a new Trump? I doubt it. There never has been one before. We will know wednesday.

Senator Rand Paul presents himself as a knowledgeable virtuous man. Knows everything.

Recently he has been badly beating up Dr. Fauci. He recently requested federal authorities to charge Fauci criminally for purportedly having lied to Congress.

What goes around, comes around.

In the past few days, it has become public that Rand has been under scrutiny for failing to return $165,749 to a donor to Paul’s Presidential PAC to support Paul’s Run for the Presidency in 2016. Paul withdrew even before the Republican nominee had been determined.

The Federal Election Commission has fined Paul $21,000 for his failure to do what the law requires if he as a candidate withdrew from the race: Refund the donor or redesignate the contribution for use in another campaign within 60 days.

Very rarely does the Federal Election Commission fine anyone. Words of warning have generally been sufficient. Here the Commission went a step further and has hit Paul with the small penalty of $21,000. There was a message there.

Governor DeSantis must be pleased that Florida has the distinction of being number one in the nation as regards the summer surge in new coronavirus cases. Deaths alone totaled 319 in the surge period. The most in states gravely affected by the virus.

Good job, Governor!

Hospitals are running out of space. Medical help overworked as they were a year ago.

The surge has been driven by the Delta variant, large numbers of unvaccinated, congregations of people indoors because of the heat, and refusal to enforce mask wearing, distance, etc. restrictions.

Successful families and their descendants have found their way to Key West over the years.

Recall Windex. The blue liquid to clean windows. Spray it on and wipe it off.

Phillip Dracket invented Windex. Made himself and the family rich.

Steve and the Windex inventor’s grandson Phil Dracket became friends. Steve tells their story in TACOS paragraph 20.

Phil Dracket was once a cabbie who didn’t have a dime / His grandpa invented Windex, now he’s got nothing but time / He lived alone in a mansion and owned expensive cars / We used to spend our time going to all the bars / He wanted to go on vacation and I had just paid all my bills / So we took off on a road trip to the South Carolina hills / We took his brand new Lotus that was all set up to race / We didn’t look  like we were from there, more like from outer space / I thought I was Mario Andretti driving up the hill / When an old pick-up flew past us as if we were standing still.

Enjoy your day!



  1. We can accommodate Trumps need for spotlight and attention.

    It is called, being a defendant in a sensational criminal trial.

    • That will certainly bring him the attention he craves and a huge outcry of partisan political “witch hunt” he/they will shout to anyone who will listen.

      It is however, the right thing to do and shouldn’t be avoided, because in the end it is what the world deserves.

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