When coronavirus victims began dying in significant numbers, many said Trump had blood on his hands.

I agreed.

I go a step further at this time. He now is responsible for the blood of children who have died. Their deaths caused by Kawasaki. A disease that is in effect a spin off of coronavirus.

Adults are one thing. Children another.

New York State alone has recently reported 93 children afflicted. Five have died.

The disease attacks children under the age of 5. Their blood does not wash off.

Coronavirus is in the White House. Donald’s home.

He not yet afflicted. Everyone wearing face masks, except for Trump and Pence. Tough guys! Till the virus hits them.

It is inevitable. The virus will spread within the White House. It will ravish the Nation’s home.

New York columnist Hannah Selinger wrote in a recent article: “In this pandemic, President Trump has botched absolutely everything from the top down, now even those in his innermost circle are suffering because of it…..His White House is our mirror. As we crumble out here, he crumbles in there, too.”

The flu epidemic of 1918-20 was a disaster also. Fifty million died world wide. In the U.S., 675,000.

People wore face masks as recommended. Few made the fuss that is occurring today. Those that generally succumbed were smokers. They poked a hole in the mask in order to smoke.

I doubt we will reach the 675,000 dead in the U.S. as in the flu epidemic. U.S. numbers presently in excess of 80,000.

One problem back then is similar to one experienced in recent months. The U.S. struggled to bury its dead.

Yesterday, I mentioned what I have been suggesting for a couple of years. The U.S. is headed for a revolution.

The most recent situation suggesting rebellion possible are the Pennsylvania counties who are opening for business in spite of Governor Wolf’s schedule for reopening. The people of those counties want to open now!

Appears to be another organized effort. What “elitist” group is behind this one?

The District Attorneys for the counties  involved say they will not prosecute those who reopen. Some Sheriffs have advised they will not enforce the restrictions.

It was reported yesterday that Florida’s Governor De Santis had “fudged” the death numbers to make his State look good. He reported a lesser amount than had actually passed on.

Trump is no help in discouraging the threat. In fact, he encourages it. He said, “The people of Pennsylvania want their freedom now.”

Forget not Michigan where recently militia attired persons were walking around the balcony of the Legislature armed with war guns.

Lori telephoned yesterday. Beauty parlors opening today. She thought I would be excited.

I was not. In fact, I chastised her a bit. Only because I care for her. Unless money was an issue, told her she should stay home. Then I hit her with my 61st day of self-quarantine. Followed by I had shaved my head bald twice on my own.

I could hear the disappointment in her voice as I went on. I was sorry I even shared my thoughts with her. My concern was actually for her.

We left it that I would call when I was ready to return to normal living.

What is the real estate market going to look like down the road. As soon as late summer and then until the coronavirus moves on.

My Key West real estate friends I talk with say everything will be ok. I view their thought as wishful thinking. They tell me in return…..Look at the stock market…..In spite of its first initial big dip, it is holding steady in the low 2,000’s.

I tell them the market is no indicator where the economy is going. Main Street and the little people are not profiting from the stock market nor is it their monies that are keeping the market steady. It is the large corporations that are making money hand over fist in the crisis. Companies like Walmart and Amazon.

I see 2 impacts affecting the real estate market. Both of which will work to keep prices down.

One is home owners will not list. They do not want people tramping through their homes during the Covid-19 crisis.

The other is people will not have the money to buy. Look at the millions presently out of work. Not all will have jobs to return to when the crisis passes.

The super abundance of available housing under the circumstances is described as “pent-up supply.” A declining market.

The San Francisco Bay area’s North Bay an example. The pent up supply growing rapidly. April’s numbers for this year were down 62 percent from April last year.

Notice now that coronavirus has found a foot hold in the White House, Trump has a “testing strategy” for the White House. Not for the rest of the country, however.

We are still waiting.

Trump proceeded what he thought was going to be a celebratory press conference yesterday in the Rose Garden. Turned out to be a disaster with Trump leaving the stage when 2 female reporters exercised their rights.

Two big banners strung between columns hung in the background. In big bold letters something to the effect Victory Is Ours or whatever. I cannot recall the exact words. However such is close enough.

Trump said in his introductory speech, “We have met the monster and we have prevailed.”

Last but not least, Trump repeated what he has many times the past few months: “America leads the world in testing.”

If such is the case, why have only 2.7 percent of our population been tested?

Trump also threw in that the U.S. will have 10 million face masks by the end of the week.

Trump has a problem with his staff. It appears no one wants to speak truth to power. They permit and/or help Trump to make asinine false statements.

Tuesday again! Time is moving fast. Must be my age that makes me think so.

Tonight is my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Oh so much to rant and rave about. Donald digging his hole deeper and deeper.

Join me for a fast moving and interesting half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!



9 comments on “HE DRIPS IN BLOOD

  1. A scary thought for the GOP: if, heaven forbid, both Trump and Pence were to become sick, Nancy would then lead the Country.

  2. On April 16th Trump announced guidelines for a 3-phase re-opening of commerce for US states. The 20 page guideline was based on medical advice from Drs Fauci, Birx, the CDC and others. Before they could begin phase one, states were required to have a 14 day downward trend in virus symptoms and new cases.

    As of today 39 states have begun to lift their restrictions. Not a single one of them met Trump’s 14 day downward trend guidance. Today, Dr Fauci warned that re-opening too quickly will lead to suffering and death.

    So in the days to come, there will likely be unnecessary “suffering and death”. And despite the ignored White House guidance, it will all be blamed on Trump. The blame will be heaped upon Trump by the media, and you will see it here on Lou’s blog. There will be more topics about how Donald Trump “drips in blood”. And my post here will be met with anger, outrage and vitriol. Count on it.

    • OK, that whole thing just so that you can say YOU were right? People treated your totally unnecessary and self serving post with anger, outrage and vitriol? You sure have a totally inflated opinion of your self.

      If Trump deserves the blame, then he’ll get the blame, this all actually has NOTHING to do with YOU, get over yourself!

      • It is so out in the open Democrats want to control Like the RED chines and the Republicans want people freedom.

        • Sandy is this incredibly hatefull troll who likes to play at being a complete @sshole, because he thinks it’s cute!

          Sandy is like No One else !

  3. Trump sees himself as a patriotic “warrior” who doesn’t hide behind a mask and he inspires his followers to behave in the same way.

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