Protests to reopen America, remove restrictions, etc., have finally reached our tiny community. Key West had its first protest yesterday.

It was well organized. Probably elitist backed as in other communities.

The thrust of the protest was to remove the blockades on U.S. 1 at the entrance to the Keys. The blockade has has been successful. The numbers of confirmed cases and deaths speak for themselves.

We did good!

The question now is whether it is time to remove the blockades and let business flow south to Key West. A tourist town cannot be one without tourists.

I believe it is still too early. If those promoting removing the blockades and reopening Key West are wrong, deaths will occur. Mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, friends, etc.

Money is important. The economy itself also. However nothing is more precious than life itself.

The protesters had handouts. Titled: “Let Key West Get Back To work, Let’s Not Commit Economic Suicide.”

The inference is physical suicide is ok. I cannot agree.

Signs were carried. Some of the messages: Open U.S. 1, Honk For Free America, Giving Me Liberty Does Not Give You Death, Let People Work, Open The Hotels, and Remove The Road Block.

From a street in Key West to the floor of Congress. The issue as to whether to open the economy was fought. Dr. Fauci and other leading public health persons testified.

The speakers from their respective homes. Most in shut down because of exposure to some one infected with coronavirus. Many of the Senators at home also. No guests. A sense of vacancy permeated the hearing room.

Fauci was up front. The man does not screw around. He calls them as he sees them. His words struck home: “Needless suffering and death” if the country reopens too soon.

Senator Paul Rand played Republican smart ass. He was insulting. The issue was whether schools should be reopened in September. Fauci did not know. Would have to see how things were as September approached.

Rand was not happy with the response. He confronted Fauci: “Your not the end all.”

Again as we all know, Fauci calls them as he sees them. Fauci came back with: I think we better be careful that we’re not cavalier “when children’s lives are at stake.”

Love the “cavalier!”

Rand’s questioning reflected his thinking. If a few deaths were necessary to bring the economy back, so be it.

Don’t understand. Nothing is more important than life itself.

Here is what I see happening. I could be wrong. It is one man’s opinion.

Forty five of the 50 States are in some part for easing restrictions.

Three problems involved.

The first is the curve has not crushed. It has flattened. In some States, still increasing.

Secondly, once the curve has crushed, if there is no vaccine, it means test and trace. We know vaccine not a reality for at least 1-1 1/2 years, if not longer.

Test and trace requires thousands of tracers. They would have to be hired and trained. Experienced tracers very few.

Third, Covid-19 takes 2 weeks from infection to show symptoms. Two weeks more before those infected begin dying. During the asymptomatic period carriers are contagious. Which means the carrier and those being infected do not know it is happening.

Appreciate 2 weeks to a month suddenly makes things difficult to handle. The virus moves fast. Never forget that March 1 there were less than 100 deaths in the U.S. Today some 2 1/2 months later, 82,000.

The scenario sought by protesters is to remove many restrictions now. They justify the removal on the fact the numbers are declining in most areas.

The number of new cases will start increasing in 2-6 months. This will be the second wave. It will be  greater than the first since the virus is coming off a larger base.

The second wave will be one where people will start dropping like flies. It will make the first wave look like kids’ stuff.

Another issue of concern. The Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court handles cases today the same as it did 100 or more years ago. Everything moves slow. Justice is denied several years as the process moves through the required phases.

In the meantime, justice delayed is justice denied.

Society has changed. We live in a meteoric society. Everything moves fast. So must justice. The system has to be changed to bring it to current times.

Arguments should be televised or carried on the internet. Open the doors and windows!

Court rules for time to do this and that must be radically cut back. Yes, the good Justices would have to work harder and perhaps a bit longer. The reality however is the mere hiring by each Justice of 2 more clerks would solve the load problem.

Many similarities between the 1918-19 flu epidemic and the present day coronavirus one. Face masks were worn. Most wore them without complaint. A few refused. Many poked holes in their face masks in order to smoke.

The flu epidemic was a big one. The coronavirus one nowhere close. Fifty million died world wide. Six hundred seventy five thousand in the U.S. alone.

The bodies of the dead piled up in both instances. It was a struggle to bury the dead.

Admiral Brett Gioir is Trump’s “Testing Czar.” Yesterday the Admiral announced that the U.S. could do 40-50 million tests per day by September.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

It was revealed over the weekend that Florida’s Governor De Santis had been “fudging” the coronavirus death records. In effect, he was “trying to hide information…..trying to paint a rosy picture.”

The information was provided by Barbara Petersen, President Emeritus of the First Amendment Foundation.

De Santis is a loyal Trump follower. Probably the most loyal Governor in the U.S. I have often described him as Trump’s lap dog.

Recall Trump was coming in with lower than real numbers at the beginning. De Santis was following his lead. Both apparently believe the lower the number, the better they are doing.

Last week, Obama referred to Trump as being “an absolute chaotic.” Senate Majority Leader McConnell retorted Obama should keep “his mouth shut.”

McConnell has become power crazy over the years. Politics may be politics. However not right to trash a former President who history will recognize as one of the best ever. Obama worked for the people. Trump works for himself and the rich.

The possible hurricane. I reported on it yesterday. A low pressure area coming towards the southeast Florida coast. About 200 miles east of the Bahamas at the time.

If it reached hurricane strength, would be called Arthur.

Ain’t going to be no Arthur. It was reported this morning that the developing storm had turned north and would end up heading out to sea.

Thank God. Too early for a hurricane. Always too early for one.

A man of history. Our children’s children’s children will read about him.

Winston Churchill.

On this day in 1940, Churchill as the newly elected Prime Minister addressed Parliament for the first time. Great Britain was the lone democracy left battling Hitler. The U.S. not yet in the war.

Tough times for Britain.

Churchill said in his address, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” He promised his country and the world that the British people would “never surrender.”

They didn’t.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Thank you Lou, these are the types of covad19 discussions we SHOULD be having, instead of the astroturf organized and funded versions we’re getting from the deceitful right, who is stoking the weak and easily influnced.

  2. “In the meantime, justice delayed is justice denied.”
    Making these words cheep lou. is the swamp
    The deep state is still screwing Flynn over.

    • Adiós is never this pest’s final answer – always disingenuous and willing to troll Lou’s blog just to start an argument.

      • Thank you for continuing to point out Sandy Feet posts wherever you see them. The rest of us are not intelligent enough to figure it out on our own. You are so smart. Can I be your friend? I need someone in my life who can point out uncomfortable opinions everywhere I go. Gosh, How do you do it?

        • No Sandy, I would NOT want to be friends with you, besides this is Lou’s blog and NOT Facebook or Tinder. Please try and show at least a little respect for Lou and the rest of us.

          AND BTW you are definitely NOT clever

  3. I see where Time magazine is reporting where the increase poisonings from people using disinfectants has risen dramatically since Trump suggested we look into injecting things like Clorex to combat Caronavirus and that’s only happened in the past few weeks.

    So much so that the deniers and Trump defenders aren’t even trying to defend our version of Menglele anymore.

  4. The courts striking down “stay at home” orders lets well meaning public officials off the hook if something bad happens in the future. I bet they are secretly relieved.

    • I’ll bet that if the lifting of these “stay at home” orders don’t work out so well, as in “something bad happens in the future” I bet they “the courts” are going to be very much on the hook, along with other “public officials” and NOT so secretly or publicly relieved.

  5. We have all learned a fair number of lessons from this pandemic event. A few that come to my mind. In general terms, we are largely unprepared. Americans lack discipline and focus for long term events. Americans need better leadership from the top. We MUST–MUST save more to sustain us when disaster calls and in retirement too. A few presidents have handed out stimulus $$$ to SPEND- rarely an incentive to save.

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