A leader should set the examples by which his people should live. He should not say do this and then he does the opposite.

The face mask! Trump refuses to wear one. As the coronavirus stealthily creeps into the West Wing, he may be sorry at some point he has not.

Pence seems to follow his leader. He refuses to wear a face mask.

It is possible he may be afflicted. His right hand person Katie Miller has come down with the virus.

Pence was at a meeting in Iowa where 5 CEO’s from food industries were present. Pence was not going to wear a mask during the meeting. The 5 CEO’s were asked to remove theirs. They did.

To add to the interest factor, all this occurred AFTER Pence became aware his Press Secretary was coronavirus sick.

The Tara Reade sexcapade continues. She was on FOX the other night. Nothing new came out.

Two thoughts have developed in my mind. If Biden was interested in sexually molesting Reade, why did he do it in a “public corridor?” The other, why has no one else come forth with similar type charges? These cases generally have “victims” coming out of the woodwork in droves.

Someone commented in my blog over the weekend with what might be an appropriate solution to the Reade accusation.

Biden and Trump will be opponents in November. Why not have both agree to take polygraph tests?

I would love to see Trump’s response to the suggestion.

I have a growing concern regarding Trump and the anti-lock down militias.  There is an itching for violence.

Received an e-mail from Tino.

Coronavirus has resulted in no work as an extra. Their need has been eliminated since it requires crowds of 50-100 waiting standing/sitting in a confined space to determine who will be selected.

Tino suspects when “extra work” returns, few if any seniors will be selected.

Tino also advised he has fallen 4 times this past year. Doesn’t know why. It just happens.

He fears a broken bone. A fractured hip especially.

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  1. Have you noticed that in states with a predominance of trumpeters (Trump supporters), many are not wearing masks… nor maintaining distance. If you look around Florida, that is the case.

    Leadership has meaning. The Donald leads by example and his disciples are following them. His leadership will probably be responsible for people dying.

    Haven’t you had enough

    • Yes, the states with larger populations and density (liberal leaning areas) seem to prove how fast this thing can spread. The less populated (Red?) states took longer to take hold and spread. Too bad they didn’t see that coming, could have saved a lot of lives. Lately though it’s been their choice.

  2. Looks like a big experiment is going to happen. I hope the results are positive. Poor choice of words, meant to say “good”.

  3. It is very strange and troublesome to see where the White House in closing down at the same time they are urging the rest of the country to open up.

    • Sandy is a Vulgar and nasty troll who is not shy about lobbing nonsense onto Lou’s blog for only one reason, trying to ignite unnecessary arguments!

      • Well said . Let us only talk about the closing of a lot of business on Duval St. and “good Times” at the Tuna.
        And for Vulgar ( why caps?”) Trump’s request to sell off government holdings in China held securities like the AMC movie chain, and Flagger’s Hotel and that nasty Smithfield bacon. The nasty Troll who is right!

  4. Biden and Trump will be opponents in November. Why not have both agree to take polygraph tests?

    I would love to see Trump’s response to the suggestion.

    Trump would gladly agree, once the audit is over—–lol

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