My blog talk radio show, Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou, is one half hour. It takes me 10-12 hours of preparation for the 1/2 hour weekly show. Occasionally due to some technical glitch, the show does not broadcast. The glitch is always at the radio station’s end.

Last night was one of those nights. Try as I could for 20 minutes, I could not connect up with the station. Ergo, no show.

The frustration is two fold.

First, I am disappointed. I am ready to go and cannot go.

The other is that I generally cannot use the material that took me 10-12 hours to research and prepare the following week. It is stale one week later.

Those of you who tried to join me probably heard the show was waiting for the host to join in. I am the host. It was not me. It was them.

So much for frustration.

I was in Publix yesterday. Had time to kill. Walked around the store three times pushing a cart. Up and down each aisle. My exercise for the day.

I have been dieting since early November. During that time, I have cheated only three times. Last night was one of them.

The past couple of days, I have had this abnormal desire for a bologna sandwich. Bread, bologna, tomato slices, salt and mayonnaise. I gave into the desire. Bought a quarter pound of bologna. Had to buy a small jar off mayonnaise, also. When I started the diet, I stripped the refrigerator of all bad foods, temptations, etc.

Let me tell you, the sandwich was oh so good! Like sex after not having had it for a long time. Like a man finding water in the desert.

I do not feel guilty!

Syracuse basketball tonight. At 7. Syracuse plays Boston College. Syracuse a one point favorite. I plan on watching the game at Don’s Place. Dan, join me if you can.

The Brian Williams saga continues. Suspended without pay for six months. Morning Jo pointed out several times that Twitter was bad. Many people wrote disparaging things about Williams. They appeared happy that he got his.

The Morning Joe crowd thought this was terrible in view of the fact that Williams is apparently a good guy. Who concededly screwed up.

I attribute the negative comments to the state of our society. Many in the U.S. are hurting economically. Have been for quite a while. It becomes a haves v. have nots situation. Williams is paid $10 million a year. In a sense, he represents the 1 percent. Most of those speaking poorly of him the 99 percent.

The desire exists under the circumstances to see anyone on top fall. A 2014 rendition of A Tale Of Two Cities.

I am on my soap box. One more issue bothering me.

It was announced yesterday by Putin that Russia and Egypt have made a deal. An agreement has been signed. Russia is going to construct a whole new nuclear industry for Egypt.  Russia doing most of the work. Paid for by Egypt.

You have to give Putin credit. Russia’s economy is teetering. Yet Putin is out there continuing to make friends and deals.

Where is the U.S. while all this is going on?

I continue to point out that Egypt was our friend for 30 years. Egypt was friends with Israel. Hosni Mubarak marched in step with the U.S. I am critical of Hillary and the President for siding with “democracy” against Mubarak when he was having problems. I have been so critical since day one. We turned our back on a friend.

Putin would not have the opportunity to do business with Egypt today were Mubarak still in power.

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “FRUSTRATION

  1. “Where is the U.S. while all this is going on?”

    John Boehner and Mitch “turtle) McConnell are leading the valiant effort to repeal Obamacare for the 1035th time.

    Obama is golfing and then vacationing in Hawaii.

    The Supreme Court are worrying about those gays and the fact they want to be legitimate and marry. Divorce lawyers are ecstatic given the track record of the straights.

    Joe Six pack is looking for a sixer (5+1) to buy that six pack of craft beer.

    The Kardashian clan is crashing cars and
    we are all awaiting the Academy Awards and March Madness with baited breath.

    Nero still fiddles while a new Rome burns.

  2. You’re absolutely right about Egypt. Obama singlehandedly gave up our position in that region and Putin moved in to fill the void. The Egyptian people are as perplexed by this as most of us. Obama supports the Muslim brotherhood, while most Egyptians do not. Unbelievable the damage he has done to our relations in that region.

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