Jenna’s birthday yesterday! Happy birthday once again dear friend.

I attended a birthday party yesterday afternoon for Jenna. Fun! Many women. Young and a bit older. All knockouts regardless of age. The younger were Miss Americas and the ones a bit older Mrs. Americas.

Several publishers and writers also.

The people and conversations enjoyable.

Jenna with her usual joy and exuberance enjoyed everything! Ah, to be young again!

Don’s Place was down the block from the party. Stopped in. Glad I did. Tino was there. He and wife Maria are visiting for two weeks. Old friends from Chicago.

Tom with Tino. We had a drink and chatted a while.

Nate was bartending. I had not seen him in several months. Nate is one of Key West’s best people. Plus, an outstanding golfer! I played in a scramble with him once. My team had it easy. Nate drove just short of the green. All we had to do was chip on.

We won the scramble.

I decided to stay in last night. Glad I did. I am a movie freak. I love movies, especially old ones. Last night was a double header. A Farewell To Arms followed by Casablanca. A movie lover’s dream evening.

I felt connected watching A Farewell to Arms. The book was written by Ernest Hemingway. The area in northern Italy where the movie was shot and the story took place was very familiar. Especially the lake. I have been fortunate to have visited several times.

Today’s Key West Citizen notes that on this date in 1964, the Beatles gave their first American performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. We all watched, me included.

It is amazing how if you live long enough, you feel as if you are a part of history. Merely by having been alive at the time something took place.

Another police story. This one takes place in Sheffield, England.

An officer operated a police helicopter. A big plane with all sorts of up to date equipment. Similar to a helicopter the military now gives local police departments in the United States. The plane was equipped with a thermal imaging camera.

England has a special sex sport. It is called dogging. Public sex. In the woods, off roads, etc. The women strip and generally are available to whoever might want them.

While the officer was on duty flying the helicopter, he filmed the dogging activity. Then he would take the film home for viewing by he and his wife. They are now in a divorce proceeding. The wife is mad at her soon to be ex husband. She reported to his superiors the film taking. The officer is now suspended.

Many lessons to be learned from the story. Think about it.

Enjoy your day!


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