Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the day!

Mine will remain as it has the past few days. Home getting better. Seems to be taking forever.

Will miss dinner with Lisa and family, as well as a 2nd and 3rd in the evening with others. Probably would have been bad for me in the end.

Lost 2 more pounds. Ten total. Not the way to do it.

Will not be eating turkey. My meal today dry toast.

Enjoy Thanksgiving! Though not craving the special meal at this time, in a few days I will miss not having had the turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and spirit that goes with enjoying the holiday with family and friends.




  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Louis. Get better.

    I will have some turkey, stuffing, gravy cranberries and spirits for you. None of that pumpkin pie though. I too am on a diet.

    Kokomo Man

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