Still sick! Wow!

Hit me 8 o’clock monday morning. No build up. One second fine, the next dying.

It is now 2 days/48 hours since I got sick. Lost 8 pounds! Not the way to do it.

Saw the doctor yesterday. I have a viral bug that is running through Key West. It has to run through my body. No drugs. Pepto Bismol and G drink to boost my electrolytes.

Better, but not close to being over this thing. Doubt I will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow.

No blog again. I am too tired to research and do it.




4 comments on “STILL SICK…..

  1. Wow, feel better, The “Gunggung” (Conch name for this type of crud) hit me Sunday mid afternoon lasted 24 hrs. Feeling better but I gave it to my daughter.

    I must man my Concierge desk, Holidays. What holidays?

    Do what you have to do to feel better Sir. ..we need you!!!


  2. So sorry to hear of you feeling sick. I want to thank you for your sharing of Terri White and her partner Donna. My husband and I come every year now for about 6 years. I first came a-crossed your blog last fall after the hurricane. I reached out to them Monday evening when I thought I recognized Terri from your writing. I introduced myself to the ladies. They were so sweet. I asked when Terri might be singing and they said tonight. I made it and so enjoyed the music. Awesome. I reintroduced myself to Donna, just so kind. Thanks for sharing these lovely ladies.

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