This getting sick is literally a pain. Not just in the ass, everywhere in the body. Hits suddenly, disappears several days later almost as quickly.

It was around 8 monday morning. Felt great. All at once, I knew I was going to be sick. Came on me that suddenly. It was a mad dash to the bathroom.

Continued all that day into the evening and the next morning.

I felt like absolute shit.

Saw the doctor tuesday. Told me a bug going around. Viral. Nothing he could do. Take Pepto Bismol and drink Gatorade. He assured me it would pass. I did not believe him.

Started feeling better yesterday. Stayed in. Did not attend the 3 Thanksgiving meals I had been invited to.

Woke this morning to discover I was well again! Like nothing had happened. An hurrah feeling! God bless America! Thank God!

My Key West ghosts inspections continue. I had asked Captain Tony’s daughter Toni Tarraceno if she had ever seen the Blue Lady ghost that is said to frequent her Dad’s bar.

She told me there are some who believe. She is one. Claims she saw the Blue Lady on one occasion. She has also seen pictures of the Blue Lady. A transparent blue haze. I have seen some of the pics.

Toni said when she younger, she would hang out at the bar alone after closing. Some evenings, she felt a “gentle press”  as if people were around her.

I have done further digging. There is a story surrounding the headstones in the bar. Don’t go with the story being told. Product of the ghost tours.  There were none in the bar back when. Might have have been the by product of some of the tour guides to fan the flames re the ghosts.

This morning’s KONK Life E-Blast contains a photograph of what is now Flagler Ave. The caption beneath says taken this date 1899. Cannot be correct.

The bottom left corner has an inscription: “County Road Looking Key West to Town.” Beneath it the date February 8, 1906.

Whatever, the photo is interesting. As far as the eye can see, pure mud. No concrete, no sidewalks, no nothing. The road must have been in the early stages of construction.

On each side were beds of water. Then a see through fence. On the other side of the fence, workers performing farm work.

The lovely homes that dominate much of Flagler were yet to be built.

John Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963. They say that most people can recall exactly where they were at the time.

I was a young lawyer. Twenty eight. My small office was in a large 14 floor building. A small coffee shop was on the second floor.

I had missed lunch so went downstairs around 2 for a sandwich.

Except for the cook, I was the only one there. Till William Goldbas came in.

Goldbas was a distinguished elderly attorney in the Utica area. In his late 70’s or early 80’s. The word was he had been a formidable criminal trial attorney in his day.

Goldbas used to travel to New York City during Prohibition to represent prominent Mafia figures charged with crimes. An adept skillful attorney. A man to be respected.

He sat with me and we chatted.

All of a sudden, the news came over the radio. Kennedy shot, Kennedy dead.

Tears ran to my eyes. I was crying. Looked at Goldbas, he was crying. Heavy tears.

That is how people felt back then. It was our country, our President. We all hurt. I wonder if the reaction would be the same today.

The White House yesterday authorized lethal force to be used by the U.S. military at the border. In effect, permitting soldiers to act in a law enforcement capacity and use lethal force if necessary.

How long do we permit Trump to take illegal actions? Even a President is bound by the law.

It is clear, the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the deployment of the U.S. military within the borders of the U.S. They are not allowed to be armed nor to shoot. Under present circumstances, that is left to the National Guard, Border Guards and ICE. All who are and have been at the border.

What irritates the hell out of me is that Trump lacked the courage to at least sign his own “order” giving the shooting permission. Instead he turned to Chief of Staff John Kelly. Kelly signed a”memo” authorizing that which is illegal.

When is the last time any of us heard of the Chief of Staff signing something of major consequence for our nation?

A Chief of Staff is assistant to the President, oversees the Executive Offices, selects and supervises key White House staff, controls access to the Oval Office and President, manages communications and information flow, negotiates with Congress, executive branch agencies and external political groups to implement a President’s agenda.

Nowhere do I see authority for a Chief of Staff to issue whatever signed by him altering/changing the direct impact of a law.

I thought Kelly had it when he first took the job as Chief of Staff. He has been a total disappointment.

Trump told us yesterday that thousands of migrants have reached the U.S. border checkpoint near Tijuana, Mexico. No one else has.

He claims 500 criminals are in the group. Anyone verify it?

We continue to be in trouble my friends.

I am exhausted. Totally and absolutely. As fresh as I was when I started today’s blog, my ass is now dragging. Amazing!

Enjoy your day!




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  1. Trump is a coward. That is evident by his conduct with McCain and other military hero’s that served well yet opposed his deranged and biased policies. Trump has NO skin in the game, he never planned on winning the election and conducts himself like a reality show host. Trump has overstayed in the WH, America MUST protect the Oval, the quality of this nation and the standards we hold dear. Meanwhile the second “civil war” continues as his core of misfits dig in for the final battles to come. This isn’t merely politics at play but the survival of a nation many have paid dearly to defend, along with the values that made us the envy of the world. Trumpism WILL be defeated but a stain will be left behind, a blemish on the Republican Party and the Nation as a whole.

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