Happy birthday U.S.A.!

Two days ago, I wrote the Declaration of Independence was actually approved by the Continental Congress July 2 rather than July 4. July 4 came into play because it was the day the Declaration of Independence was printed. The error stuck and so we celebrate Independence on July 4th.

Another historical error involves the signing. Most historians disagree that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4. Nor was it signed on July 2. Historians claim it was signed almost a month after its adoption July 2. It was signed on August 2.

Apparently record keeping in 1776 was not as precise as it is today. The important thing is we won the war.

The major July 4th event tonight. Fireworks! At Knight Pier. Visible from most parts of Key West and up U.S.1.

One of the best evenings watching fireworks for me occurred some 20 years ago. Jenna Stauffer and I watched fireworks together from my Key Haven home. Two lounge chairs by the pool next to the ocean. A bottle of Dom Perignon. Fireworks clearly visible 2 miles away.

A perfect evening.

Banks can be a pain in the ass. Generally are.

Many Monroe County School District employee checks are bouncing because one of the School District’s banks could not handle payroll check deposits. Centennial is the bank involved. Centennial won the right to service the School District through a competitive bidding process.

The School District’s payroll deposit is normally $ 1.0 million. June 30 paychecks totaled $3.0 million. June 30 is the end of the School District’s fiscal year so deposits were larger. The School District had a $2.5 million line of credit. It was raised during the day to $3.5 million.

Centennial was unable to post the deposit to all School District employee accounts. It was too much for the bank to handle. Employees had written checks to pay their bills assuming and relying on the automatic bank deposits having been made. Checks bounced.

The School District was not aware of the problem. Centennial did not cover the “assumed” deposits. The bank did later in the day when posting was complete. Too late however to prevent checks from bouncing.

The School District should have been aware there would be a problem. Centennial should have warned the School District beforehand. More importantly, Centennial should have covered employee checks having full knowledge that they already had in hand sufficient funds from the School District’s deposit to do so. Fault appears to lie with Centennial for not doing so. An account as large as the School District’s is entitled to better consideration and attention under the circumstances.

The Keys Citizen makes it appear fault lie with the School District. School District representatives were apologizing and explaining all over the place. I see fault with the bank.

A question on Facebook this morning. The question: When is a retiree’s bedtime? Answer: Two hours after falling asleep on the couch.

So true.

Enjoy the holiday!




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