Plenty of older adults are enjoying sex and getting venereal diseases as a result thereof. Doctors are neither questioning nor testing the elderly for such diseases.

The elderly do have sex. Why not. Rightfully so. Such pleasure is not limited to the young. They need however to test for and practice safe sex. Proof is in the numbers. Gonorrhea among the 55 plus group, grew 600 percent since 2010. Chlamydia cases have quadrupled, while syphilis cases are now 700 percent higher than in 2010.

I have been fortunate to visit Italy many times. One of the things that impressed me were the food items available at gas station stops  on major highways. Especially the Autogrill chain.

Sandwiches hot and cold. Hot the most popular. All kinds of non-alcoholic drinks.

An experience! I have spoken of the sandwich pleasure many times. I write about it today because of an article in the Washington Post yesterday titled “The Case For Eating At Italian Gas Stations.”

Another Italian experience I have spoken and written about is Milan. What a city! The “best” of everything.

Unfortunately, I have not visited Milan in 15 years. Things have changed a bit.

Outdoor dining, daytime and nighttime, was the best. Not only the food. The ambiance also! It has changed. Dramatically.  Noise and overcrowding a huge bother. Even past midnight. Milan is passing ordinances to limit the out of control behavior.

Many American universities are having graduations today. Disruptions are anticipated. I hope not too badly. College graduations are a proud day for students and family. It should not be disrupted.

The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is Linda Thomas-Greenfield. An intelligent black woman. She has reported Biden’s positions before the world government as she should.

Now she pays the penalty.

Thomas-Greenfield was scheduled to speak at Xavier University of Louisiana’s commencement ceremony today. She was scheduled to speak at the University of Vermont last week.

Both schools cancelled her visits. She became persona non grata because of her Gaza stances in the U.N.

Both universities claim she was cancelled to avoid “disruption.”

The U.S. continues to be out of control as a result of recent campus disruptions. I hope the scenario will calm down and cease with the summer season upon us. I continue to disapprove with that which has occurred in recent months.

You never know. Marilyn Birch, now 76, lost her engagement ring while feeding hay to cattle on the family farm in 1970. A “detectorist,” while searching for other things, found the ring recently. Fifty four years after it was lost. It had been buried on the farm 8 inches down in one of the fields.

Husband and wife are both thrilled.

I close with a poor and shameful American. Clarence Thomas, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

He pushed back yesterday after facing harsh questions about his Justice decisions and accepting lavish gifts from a millionaire. He said he and his wife Ginni have endured “nastiness” and “lies.”

He claimed Washington is a “hideous place.” He further added he “had no interest in public life,” but  felt called to it by God. He deceives himself by so thinking.

Thomas is one of the worst Justices to ever sit on the Supreme Court. Decision wise and personally with regard to accepting “freebies” in his personal life. He is an insult to his profession and race. He is not worthy of  the seat he holds and the “honors” it bestows upon him.

My yesterday activities were limited to a manicure and some grocery shopping.

Tammy is back. She returned from three weeks in Vietnam. Her grandmother is not well. 

My grocery shopping is limited. I cannot carry heavy things any longer. Want to personally shop, however. About 30 percent cheaper than ordering and having delivered. Plus, I enjoy the experience of being able to walk Publix aisles.

I cannot carry heavy things from my car to my apartment. Six packs of soda, water bottles, gallon jugs of diet iced tea, etc. I learned my lesson two weeks ago. I called Jackie and she stopped by to take them from my car to refrigerator. I am fortunate to have friends like her.

Cathy left for home in Seattle thursday morning. She had a bad wednesday night. Apparently a touch of food poisoning. Horrible! Too nice a person to have suffered as she did.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Worrying and spending time criticizing the college demonstrations is a total waste of time and play’s straight into the garbage politicians want the proletariat to be absorbed with, so that they can keep power and do what ever they want.

    The real issue is not that problem, but the FAR bigger problem with the corruption of the judicial system and the consequential lack of respect for our government and each other.

    Stop wasting your time letting other people rile your soft spots, especially with lies and misrepresentations. We need to concentrate on real problems, not feel good bullshet.

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