I’m 88 years old today. Amazing!

I should not be. My father made it to 98. His father 94. His sister Mary 102. If I have my father’s genes, I’m ok. Interestingly, my physical problems were his. The aortic valve problem and parathyroid tumors. Runs in the family. Lisa was recently diagnosed with a parathyroid problem.

I view getting old like an automobile. After a while, the car begins developing problems. The older the car, the more serious the problem. Which amounts to no problem. The car goes into the garage, problem diagnosed and fixed. My hope is they can continue diagnosing and most importantly fixing whatever develops with my body.

My head is good. I still think with the same sharpness I had 30, 40, 50 years ago in the courtroom. It’s the body that fails me.

I may have celebrated my birthday yesterday. Inadvertently. Started the day with blood work at the hospital at 8. Then pancakes at Harpoon Harry’s. Laid around the rest of the day doing nothing. Loved it!

Decided to go out for dinner. Brady’s.

The bartender mentioned she was going to Ireland shortly for a one month visit. Her Dad’s birthday. He is going to be 92. I told her my birthday was tomorrow (today) and I would be 88.

She bought my dinner! How nice. Fought me when I left a tip. Refused to take it. I told her nicely I would be insulted if she refused. Settled the issue.

Chatted with Brian who was sitting next to me at the bar. He’s a chef at Mangoes. Also, Ric. Robert and Ally’s Santa Claus for many years.

How will I celebrate my 88th? Hair appointment at noon. Then lunch with Julia at Hogfish. Followed by nothing the rest of the day.

A Celebration of Life for the special Toni Tarracino has been scheduled. It will be at Captain Tony’s July 17 at 11 am. Everyone come to pay homage to one of the sweetest persons we all knew and loved.

I watched the fireworks on TV tuesday night. New York City’s were spectacular! One mile long. One thousand feet up. Colors galore. In the forefront, the Statue of Liberty all lit up.

Scientists claim July 4 was the hottest day ever! The hottest day in 125,000 years! Not healthy!

Experts blame the situation on the burning of oil, gas and coal. The burning releases “greenhouse” gases.

Many odd ball events have come to make up a part of the July 4th celebration. One is Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York City.

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won his 16th title. Impressive! He consumed 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Amounts to one every 10 seconds.

Beat his closest competitor by 13 hot dogs.

Stomach ache afterwards?

Word is Trump is souring on Kari Lake as his VP running mate. She is a “spotlight hound.” Trump will not tolerate anyone who tries to or outdoes him when it comes to public exposure.

Discrimination in Key West this day in 1946.

Key West police forcibly removed two colored girls from a Greyhound bus for refusing to take seats at the back of the vehicle. The two were taken to the police station, where the police chief explained to them that Florida law required people of color to take seats at the rear of a public conveyance.

Not the time yet for a Rosa Parks!

On Twitter this morning: “What the fuck is wrong with Americans who aren’t on board with free healthcare. I’m Canadian and I don’t care that I pay extra taxes so a little boy in Alberta can have open heart surgery, or an elderly man in Nova Scotia can get the heart medication he desperately needs. It’s called taking care of your people. I’m glad to pay so that people can have a good quality of life. IT’S CALLED BEING A DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING.”

I agree.

Enjoy your day!

8 comments on “I’M 88 YEARS OLD TODAY

  1. Louis, I have two comments. First and most important, HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS my friend! The second pertains to national health care. Why is the USA among the only wealthy countries not offering health care to their citizens? I’ve always wondered and now I know. I read that in the 1930’s the US was deciding about healthcare. The large corporations in the country promised they would provide healthcare to their employees so the government would not have to do it. the government stayed out of it, and now most corporations charge some part of the cost. Our small company pays half of the $1200 per month cost of family health coverage for its’ 13 employees. I read an editorial once that begged the question of why we were so quick to go to war and so slow to provide health care to its’ citizens. Rant over, happy birthday my friend!!!

  2. HAPPY 88th BIRTHDAY, KEY WEST LOU!!! May you enjoy many, many more! We’re counting on it!! šŸ™‚

    • Americans don’t have their government helping with healthcare, because Republicans have convinced everybody that government asistance with ANYTHING is somehow evil, EXCEPT of course when helping business or already wealthy individuals.

      Canada is that place most intellegent Americans want America to be – ‘cept of course the cold bits.

      Happy Birthday Lou

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