I mentioned yesterday that Raul Castro wants Guantanamo back. Otherwise, there cannot be successful reconciliation talks. Someone wrote me and commented that Cuba has not cashed U.S. rent checks for a log time. I did some checking.

The story.

A lease was entered into between the U.S. and Cuba in 1901.The U.S. leased a 45 square mile area on Guantanamo Bay. It was “to be used for a coaling station.”  A place to refuel Navy vessels. The U.S. was given complete jurisdiction and control over the area per the Cuban Constitution. The U.S. Senate tacked on the Platt amendment in approving the agreement. The Platt amendment gave the U.S. the right to maintain a military base on the island.

Fidel Castro came to power. He wanted Guantanamo back. For 55 years, the U.S.  government has sent a check each month for $4,085 to Cuba as the rental payment per the agreement. Castro has refused to cash the checks. Castro and Cuba refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the 1901 lease.

I have taken the time to set forth the background information I discovered because of Raul Castro’s position yesterday that Guantanamo was to be returned to Cuba as a condition of any reconciliation.

The Charles Eimer’s wrongful death case has been settled. For $900,000. A good result for both sides in view of the questions involved. Darren Horan did a top notch job as attorney for the Eimer’s family in obtaining the settlement. He never gave up.

I learned the City only carries $1 million in liability coverage. Stupid! How can a city such as Key West have so little? The City is pinching pennies where big dollars can be involved. Key West wastes money on over priced construction projects, because of poor judgment, etc. At the very least, the City should carry an excess policy for $5 million. Otherwise, taxpayers continue to be at risk. An excess policy is relatively cheap.

On my tuesday blog talk radio show, I mentioned rising sea levels and the danger to islands. Especially here in the Florida keys. It is anticipated islands will be encroached upon. Some may disappear. This morning’s Key West Citizen coincidently carried an article re the topic.

Key West is the third ranked city nationally with population vulnerability because of anticipated rises in sea level. The sea level has risen in the keys 9 inches in 100 years. The article mentioned that experts expect the level to rise 3-7 inches by 2030. Then, 9-24 inches by 2060.

Interesting. The problem is many do not believe such will occur.

Busy morning yesterday. A haircut with Lori. I was there 1/2 hour early for my appointment. The problem is parking under the new rules. I left early in case I had a long walk from the car to Lori’s. I lucked out and found a spot a half block away.

Then to Tammy’s for a manicure. Parking a problem again. The shopping mall’s lot full. I had to park on the street in front of Bank of America.

Key West has a distinct problem. Too many cars and too few parking places. Too many cars also for the number of streets in Key West. The problem easy to recognize. The solution not.

I end on a happy note. About a week ago, I advised I was stalemated on my diet. Had been stuck at 27 pounds for two weeks. The problem corrected itself. I lost 3 more pounds this week. The total, 30 pounds in 11 weeks. What a good boy am I!

Enjoy your day!




  1. Back in my U.S. Coast Guard days in the late 60’s our ship went to Guantanamo for about 3 weeks of Navy fleet training every year. Much of that was related to anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training. Guantanamo was said to be the best site for ASW training because of the quick drop off into deep periscope depth water within a half hour after exiting the harbor. No harbor on the U.S. East coast afforded the same because of the Continental Shelf.
    Not sure if the Navy uses it much anymore?

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