Normally, there is a lull in January. Not many tourists visite Key West. Not so this year. The town is packed!

Everyone is happy! From the tourists to local business people.

In speaking with some of the merchants, they all said there is an increase in families. Key West had a reputation for not being the place for a families to visit. Not so in the past few years. Increasing numbers are visiting each year.

I hit the Chart Room at a quiet time last night. It was me and Emily. Did not make sense till I realized children are not permitted in the Chart Room. Alcohol and smoke being the order of the day.

Then to the Hot Tin Roof. Twice this week. Why? One because I like it. The other that I can order food consistent with my diet. The second being the more important reason at this time.

I mentioned back in July that Dorothy had been found floating on her back and unable to dive. Dorothy being a 110 pound loggerhead turtle. She was taken the Turtle Hospital in Marathon.

I am happy to report Dorothy has recovered. At 11 this morning, she will be released back into the sea. One hundred to 200 will probably be at the beach wishing Dorothy well and bon voyage.

Did some shopping for Louis in the afternoon. Finally found a table lamp I liked at Pier One. It is sitting on my desk. Beautiful! Part of my redecorated bedroom.

I needed a very small table to place between the recliner and wall. Had to be really tiny. Found it at Key west’s favorite locals’ shopping place. Ross. Cost me $14. You would never know!

Greece against the Eurounion and Germany. The new government wants to write off a large part of its debt. The Eurounion and Germany have said no. Lets see who blinks first. I put my money on the Eurouniuon and Germany to succumb to Greece’s demands.

Keep your eye on what is happening in Greece. History will be made this year.

Enjoy your day!

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