Trump the mighty one! So he thinks. Omnipotent. Boss of bosses. Rules the U.S. What he says goes.

He will meet his match this time. He is taking on the Court system. Supreme Court included.

This past month the Supreme Court decided the citizenship question. Whether it could be added to the census questionnaire. The Supreme Court said no. With one exception. The appellant must come up with a better rationale for adding the citizenship question.

No time to do so. Census questionnaire already to the printer without it. Justice told the Court that if the case was not decided favorably for Trump by July 1, there would be no time to get the questionnaire printed and out.

Yesterday, Trump decided that what he could not accomplish before the Supreme Court, he could do on his own by Executive Order. No way, Jose! Executive Order will not fly in this instance.

So bad is that which Trump did that the entire team of lawyers from the Justice Department that handled the case refused to represent the U.S. any further. A very very seldom heard move. An act of courage. A new team has yet to be announced. Trump’s people will come up one.

Attorney General Barr continues to ride Trump’s horse. He believes the administration can find a legal path to incorporate the question.

The Constitution makes Congress responsible for overseeing the change, not the President. Means nothing to Trump.

Trump could lose because of the preceding. However, I believe a court will not have to go that far. Trump is totaling ignoring a decision of the Supreme Court. The ink not even dried on the decision. Trump’s action is equivalent to Trump spitting in the face of the Supreme Court.

Trump’s action so flagrant that I doubt even his 2 conservative choices will support him.

My health  has been interfering with my play time. I have missed many Key West things I enjoy. For several weeks. One of them Dueling Bartenders.

Made it last night! Rick Dery singing.

No sooner was I in the door thnt he had a bottle of Beefeaters in hand and was pouring me a drink. I explained to him. Diet soda my drink of choice from now on.

Mary arrived. She drank her wine and smoked cigarettes.

The deprivation is getting more difficult to handle.

We stopped at La Trattoria afterwards for dinner. Carrie bartending. I ate the egg plant appetizer and drank 3 diet Pepsi’s.

Dinner over, I left Mary at the bar and went home. It was not even 8 o’clock. Mary was ready for more fun and I was not.

We are into hurricane season. Maybe one on the way. A long maybe.

A storm has developed over the Gulf. Right now wind and heavy rain. Still out over the Gulf. It is expected to reach shore in the middle and norther areas of Florida, as well as Louisiana and Georgia.

Could develop into a tropical storm. The experts say maybe a hurricane. Too early and too far out yet to make a determination.

If it becomes a tropical storm, it will be named Barry.

I have a degree of concern. Tropical storms/hurricanes are fickle. Never know what they are going to do.

All the charts save one show the storm hitting northern Florida and Gulf states as already described. The one not agreeing has the storm making a right turn and coming down over the Keys.

Could take through monday to actually know. Whatever the storm is and where will be known with precision tuesday when it is scheduled to hit land.

Ernest Hemingway in the news. While living in Key West, his good buddy was Joe Russell. Owner of Sloppy Joe’s. The 2 were out fishing in Cuban waters on Joe’s boat this day in 1933. Hemingway caught a large marlin. Twelve feet eight inches weighing 468 pounds.

By now the whole world knows the British ambassador to the U.S. reported to his superiors that Trump was ‘inept” among other things. Somehow the memos to British home office were leaked.

Trump is pissed. Says he will no longer do business with the Ambassador.

Our President is thin skinned. He fails to recall what is good for the goose is good for the gander. He calls everyone everywhere bad/insulting names. The world goes on. Nations and their representatives still work together.

Frank Bruni is the talented New York Times columnist. Always writes the truth.  A by the book guy.

He recently wrote a column about Ivanka Trump….. “Oh, If Only All Of Us Could Be Ivanka Trump.”

Bruni recognizes Ivanka does everything people of affluence do. Sunbathe in the Seychelles, ski in Aspen, ascend the Himalayas.

But, only Ivanka can do all that and be at the demilitarized zone, meet with Kim Jung Un, and return with a keepsake from North Korea.

Bruni describes Trump taking Ivanka to North Korea as a sort of “Take Our Daughters to Work Day.”

Husband Jared receives comment in the column also.

Bruni final column pointed and somewhat humorous: “They’re shamelessness made flesh. In Homer’s epic poems and in Greek mythology, no flaw rival’s hubris, but in the Family Trump it’s as non-negotiable as veneers. Pride isn’t what goeth before the fall. It’s what gets you to the inaugural ball.”

The pre-sale of body organs. Body organs valuable world wide. Each extremely expensive. Money not an issue when one is facing death. Assuming the person has money. Otherwise life ends for that individual.

Iran permits the sale of body organs in certain circumstances. One is  a prisoner sentenced to death. He can arrange to sell his body organs. Permission in writing given before execution. A sum paid for the organs when delivered. Family generally benefit.

Not a popular law among Iranian physicians. Iran’s Association of Surgeons strongly oppose the law. I suspect merely for public relations reasons.

The need for body organs desperate in Iran. In 2018, 2,500 were awaiting organ transplants. Only 926 were available.

A black market has developed. Poor Iranians advertise their willingness to sell a kidney for example. For $250.

Deutsche Bank having its problems. In recent years, they have been doing business with less than desirable persons. The Bank is economically in trouble. It announced friday that 18,000 employees were to be let go. Discharges had already begun in Asia.

The reason given for the discharges is “restructuring.” Even with the restructuring and loss of 18,000 jobs, Deutsche estimates a net loss of $8.3 billion by 2022.

Deutsche is world wide. It has offices in the U.S. One is located at 60 Wall Street in New York City.

Yesterday was monday. Yesterday the 60 Wall Street location had a revolving front door. People were being let go. It is estimated that for every 5 walking out, only one entered. Portraying a significant number of lay offs.

Today, tuesday. Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 for a fast moving and interesting half hour. There is much to rant and rave about this week.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I’m glad you’re I’ll. I hope you suffer.

    Only Dems don’t want to know how many foreigners are here. A perfectly reasonable question.

    Got to get your illegal votes somewhere don’t you.

    • Happy T…..I will give you an answer to satisfy your curiosity. Except for few natives..we are all foreigners…..problem solved.

      • The problem is only solved when the illegals are made legal. Once legal they will no longer be foreigners. I’m sure your ancestors did it the legal way as everyone should.

        • The problem will be solved when people like Trump and other business types are sent to prison for employing undocumented workers. We ALL come here for a better life and that means work. If there are jobs they will come. Let’s cut the crap and start being honest to why we/they are here.

          • There is no crap about this. Of course we know why the illegals are here. The illegals need to go through the process and become legal as your ancestors did. Arresting businesses for hiring illegals is a start, not the finish.

        • No, the problem will only stop when this issue ceases to be a political STUNT and we tackle the problem with reason and common sense. Trump would be NOTHING without the politics of immigration and Lou Dobs would be broke. The facts are that arrests for actual illegal immigration are way DOWN (28% recently) and Trump’s executive actions on wall funding are being denied in courts in part because he dodn’t even spend all the money allocated in his last budget on border security. Wake up America, this is another one of Thrump’s cons.

          • Trump is stuck with the politics of immigration. It wasn’t a problem of his making, he inherited it. The problem is that democrats refuse to allow the enforcement their own laws. The democrats are finally realizing there is a crisis at our border, its about time. They are incapable of a practical solution though.

  2. What the world is coming to, gloves will be off, no holds barred, survival of the most ruthless. Just too many people fighting for too few resources. Are you ready?

    • and so much of this could have been avoided if we’d only listened to the real experts and avoided substandard politicians.

      • There will always be substandard politicians. After-al what is a standard politician. I don’t want even a standard politician. Look where that has got us.

  3. Trump is a deconstructionist. His goal is to strip our county of its foundation and rebuild to the liking of his former architect Bannon for the benefit of similar rich and powerful anarchists. It will be interesting to see Trumps reaction to defeat in 2020…..will he declare himself King and refuse to transition? No greater threat has come from the highest office in the land….. ever.

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