“What happens in the ladies room stays in ladies room.” An extension of the Vegs saying.

It was the first day of the Speaker vote. Three female representatives were in the ladies room. Rep. Debbie Dingell reported on the confrontation between Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. A brief strong argument between Greene and Boebert. Subject matter concerned why one was not supporting McCarthy’s election.

Nothing more known except after a hurried exchange of words, one immediately exited the ladies room.

On this day in 1991, Eastern Airlines went out of business. Closed down for good.

I was shocked. Never expected a giant airline such as Eastern to go under. Eastern has been operating for more than 60 years. It had been my carrier of choice.

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will appear on two separate evenings in February. February 9 and 11 at the Coffee Butler Amphitheatre. Tickets $99 for general admission lawn and $149 for reserved seating. The Amphitheater’s capacity 3,500.

Buffett a son of Key West. His success was born here. Even though an international star, he found the time over the years to appear and do a free concert. Generally on Duval. People packed the streets for blocks.

It appears Buffett concerts have gone the way of housing in Key West. Expensive! Sad also. His free street appearances were a wonderful tribute and thank you to his beginnings. Locals benefitted. Fewer locals and more tourists will be at the Amphitheater. Many will have come in just for the concerts. The hotels and restaurants will do a booming business.

I take nothing away from Buffett. A great person and entertainer. Generous in many respects. If this is how it now is, so be it. Leaves a bit of sour taste in my mouth, however.

Enjoy your day!

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