Oxitec continues to push forward. Arrogantly.

The fight is ongoing in the Florida keys re Oxitec experimenting with genetically modified mosquitoes. A specific key has been targeted. My key. Key Haven.

The people are against it. Local government and Oxitec in support. One step left in the approval process. Ok from the federal government. I fear it will be forthcoming.

Mosquitoes are not the only problem Oxitec seeks to cure with genetically modified organisms. The most recent, a genetically modified moth. A diamond back moth. Sounds like a snake.

Oxitec with the moths in upstate New York last September. Oxitec without local approvals experimented in Geneva, NY. Oxitec did have federal approval. The U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Now several months later, Governor Cuomo and his staff have become aware. Cornell University President Skorton has become aware. The people in the Geneva area have become aware. All pissed off big time!

The only fan of genetically modified mosquitoes and moths is the U.S. government. They treat Oxitec as they have treated Monsanto. An open door!

The mosquito experimentation an example of government secrecy. Similar to the Iran pact being negotiated and the Asian pact. Keep the people unaware. Secrecy the order of the day.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Then to the Cuban Coffee Queen for a Cuban buttered toast and Cuban coffee. Read the newspapers. Stayed a couple of hours. Cuban Coffee Queen is outside. Pleasant surroundings.

Last night, Jenna time! Does my heart good to be with her. I a few days from 80. She recently 28. And lovely!

Drinks first at the Square 1 bar. Then across the way to Origami for sushi. A good night.

It had been a while since I was last at Square 1. Mandy still manager. Very personable. A hug and kiss for me. David bartending.

Jenna is host of a TV talk show. She also manages the local television station. A talent. I fear her talent is outgrowing Key West and she will have to move on to further her career.

After dinner, I walked Jenna home. She now lives at the corner of Duval and Truman. The walk short.

Forty years ago today, the movie Jaws debuted. The book came first. A big seller. The movie which followed, also.

I had read the book, was anxious to see the movie. My family and I were vacationing in Hyannis on Cape Cod. My former wife and one of my daughters joined me in seeing the movie. My other three were not interested.

The movie was scary! No question about it! When the big fish opened its mouth and came at a victim, chills did run up and down my spine.

Went to our beach front rental after the movie and to bed. In the middle of the night, the shark had me by the throat! I woke with a yell and start! A nightmare. Scared the hell out of me!

Jaws bothers me. The rerun advertising describes the movie as having come out 40 years ago. My recollection is yesterday. How time flies!

I feel compelled to comment further re the nine blacks killed while in church in Charleston. An act of white supremacy. Slavery was banned via the Civil War more than a 150 years ago. The Confederacy died with it. Confederate ideology not, however.

Things have gotten worse in the six years Obama has been President. Not his fault. The fault of those whites who cannot stand the thought of a black man in power.

The same people are aware that the United States is tanning. Even now, more than half our population is of color. A number of years down the road, people of color will be running the country. Establishment whites cannot accept the thought.

Black people have been treated poorly for so long in the United States. I have been suggesting for several months that a future conflict will not be police against black. It will be black against white. At some point, the oppressed say stop! Enough! Their opposition will be forceful.

Shakespeare’s Henry VI mentions the worm turns. I fear it applies to Black America.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I can throw a stone and hit the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva NY.
    The DBM is one of the most destructive insects to be brought into this country that cost billions of dollars worth of damage each year.
    Similar to the the sterile mosquito only the male of the DBM is sterilized which as with the mosquito eliminates the use of toxic spray in an attempt to reduce the population. The males are hybridized/modified to be reddish in color so they can be recognized from non-sterilized critters.
    In contrast to the liberal tree-hugger emotions it has been proven that the sterilized males of both the moth and mosquito are more efficient and cheaper than the toxic sprays. And no matter what is said about the supposed safety of the sprays, facts don’t support that.

    Regarding mosquitos in the Florida Keys, there can be an argument made that the use of the sterile male mosquito is not needed at this time because there has been no reported case of Dengue in almost 5 years. At this time I think thats a valid argument as the increased spraying has apparently greatly reduced that specie of mosquito.

  2. You are not necessarily correct to type that soon whites will not be ruling the USA. There is a good chance that they still will be.

  3. Blacks are killing blacks at a rate of 1,000,000 to 1 of whites killing blacks. It really is a black on black thing that is not reported.. Why?

  4. I disagree that it’s not Obama’s fault.

    I strongly disagree with “stand the thought of a black man in power”.

    He has practiced racially divisive tactics politically. Spoke out inappropriately at times. And, in general, demonstrated his youthful inexperience.

    For example, after blaming guns for the killing, without mentioning the SSRI component of all but two of the mass murders by young males, he incorrectly states that this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. A fact that was quickly refuted by folks on the internet.

    Then, instead of being Presidential and flying to Charlestown, he goes to Hollywood for fund raisers.

    This is his fault.

    Leadership is badly lacking in this country. And, it’s taking all of us — black and white — down to Perdition.


  5. I know some will think this racist. Its just reality.
    Had Lincoln lived this would be a much different country. John Wilkes Booth is the greatest traitor this country has ever had. Just look into the Lincoln Panama connection.
    Most folks don’t even know this countries real history regarding slavery or who the first slave holder was and how that came to be.

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