No question. It is a woman’s world. Men are from Mars, women from Venus does not apply. The reverse is correct. Women are from Mars. Tough!

My thought process re the issue began with today’s schedule for Womenfest.

So far, the gathering has been a success. It will be today also. Women know how to get things done. Has nothing to do with lesbianism. Has to do with the fact that ladies can get things done better than men. Period.

Big day for Womenfest. A drag brunch at the Aqua Sidebar from 11-3. The place will be pouring into the streets. That many ladies will be enjoying breakfast together.

At 3, Hot Dog Church. Laurie Thibaud bartending.

I have not attended for several weeks. The humidity too hot to sit outside. No men and few women attend. Summertime’s heat bothers those in town.

Today there will be more ladies at Hot Dog Church than the breakfast earlier. The ladies will be over flowing into the parking lot.

The ladies cook and bring dishes of this and that. All good!

I am not going. Too many ladies for me. Also, I will know few of them. A male in a lesbian setting is not necessarily welcome. The regulars know and accept me because of Donna and Terri. I am one of the few males who attend. I am the only straight male.

Love the girls! I have made many new local friends by reason of Hot Dog Church.

Another reason I will avoid the event is parking. It will be a disaster! I am not in the mood to walk several blocks, especially in the heavy humidity.

Which brings me to why I think women do a better job than men.

I practiced law for 46 years. Very few female lawyers when I entered the profession in 1960. Proving the point, there were only 2 female students in my law class.

Fifteen years later, things were different. The women were into everything. Not just the law.

I did not enjoy dealing with female opposing attorneys. They did not negotiate like men. Men had a way of talking to each other in a friendly manner and resolving a problem. Everything gentile.

Different with the ladies. They were by the book. Rarely smiled. Everything was 1, 2, 3. No fun, no laughter. All business.

Not only were they tough, they were smart.

It took me a coupe of years to adapt. It took the ladies a couple of years to ease off and treat a male opposing attorney as a friend. Friends can do business fairly and effectively. Both sides had to learn.

Now I look at the world. Women leaders of nations. Women active in business at the highest levels.

I believe men have screwed things up for centuries. Let’s give the ladies a shot. They can do no worse. I suspect they will do much better.

There was no joy in Louis’ house yesterday, Syracuse got the shit knocked out of them! Lost to Maryland 63-20.

I have no further comment.

Dorian is amazing. Heading towards Canada last night. Expected to increase to a category 3. Earlier in the day, it passed the coast of Maine. Winds 100 miles per hour.

I have never seen a hurricane such as Dorian. I pray we never see one again.

Oprah Winfrey. An amazing woman!

Her day time show went national. It became the highest rated talk show in U.S. history. By 2008, Oprah had 46 million viewers weekly.

Trump screws everything up. It is the nature of the man.

We find that a “secret” meeting involving Trump, the President of Afghanistan and the Taliban was to take place today at Camp David. The Afghan and Taliban representatives were to have flown in last night.

The Taliban apparently feared they did not have enough leverage to be successful at the meeting. They conducted a suicide bombing monday in Afghanistan. One last show of power. Eleven civilians and one U.S. service member were killed.

Trump cancelled the meeting. Because of the suicide bombing, Trump was uncertain whether the Taliban leaders could negotiate a “meaningful” peace agreement.

TV star Donald as usual wanted to make the peace result a dramatic showy Trump event.

He should never have conducted a meeting involving an issue of such magnitude in secret. Had the event planned been as a public one, I doubt the Taliban would have opted for a pre meeting suicide bombing.

Who knows? I may be wrong. However, I am sick and tired of Trump spoiling everything he touches.

Perhaps more patience is required. After all, the war is only 18 years old.

I am going to have a late breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. Eggs benedict and hash browns. Followed by a walk along the waterfront.

Tonight, I don’t know.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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