Tonight is the night! The start of a new bocce season. I am excited!

It will be cold. Last night the temperature fell into the high 50s. While playing tonight, it will be in the mid to high 60s. The bocce courts are across the street from the Atlantic Ocean. A cold biting wind will be coming off the Atlantic. Long pants and sweatshirt time. Some players will even wear gloves.

I was chatting with someone who plays last night. He described bocce night as a cocktail party for 120 people. He is correct.

This week’s KONK Life is on the stands. Pick up a copy. My column this week is titled NFL Tax Exempt. You will find interesting how the NFL received the tax exemption by law back in 1966.

I watched Syracuse beat Boston college last night. 70-56. Watched the game at Don’s Place with Dan. Last night was not a test. Boston College is in last place in the ACC. Saturday’s game will be a test. Duke.

Kankakee, Illinois. Who ever heard of Kankakee? A little town south of Chicago. I heard of it for the first time when I met Cheryl and Roger here in Key West. Their home town is Kankakee.

E-Blast has an interesting article this morning mentioning Kankakee. There is a song about the New Orleans train which started its trip south from Kankakee. The song was made famous by Arlo Guthrie.

Mick Kilgos is an off and on Key Wester and famous musician in his own right. He is familiar with the song, Guthrie and Key West musical lore. He is in Key West at the present time.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Tyson/Douglas heavyweight championship fight in Tokyo. Tyson was undefeated. Douglas a nothing. The odds were 42-1. Douglas knocked Tyson out to become the heavyweight champion. The first time Tyson was defeated, the first time he was knocked out.

Douglas was Rocky. Except that he lost the title in his very next fight.

Haircut this morning. Have to hustle. It is amazing. My hair cuts seem to have become more frequent as my hair becomes less and less.

Enjoy your day!


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