Can’t win!

My blog talk radio show was scheduled for last night. For the third consecutive week, a screw up at Blog Talk’s end. Technical difficulties. My  show did not get out.

Pisses me off. Time spent preparing the program. Then nothing to do with it. Most material quickly aged. Cannot be used the following week.

Sloan working on the problem today. Hope if finally gets resolved.

My apologies to all who tried to listen and heard nothing.

One advantage gained last night was that I could watch Trump’s Address to Congress.

I was not impressed. More form than substance. He spoke in a subdued tone and read from a prepared script. Looked Presidential. Does not necessarily make him Presidential.

Substance was lacking. Barking up the wrong tree in many instances. A number of factual errors.

I am not going to waste my time or yours being specific. Whether pro or negative Trump, you picked up on them also.

The Key West City Commission has had its way once again. Yesterday groundbreaking for the Truman Waterfront Amphitheater took place. Completion expected by the end of September.

We shall see. More importantly, what will we see after completion? Will it be used with regularity? Will it cause all kinds of neighborhood problems?  Etc.

I am for an amphitheater. I believe the City Commission has jumped too fast. Much home work yet to be done.

My good friends from Iowa. Tom and Cindy. Two of the greatest people I have had the good fortune to meet in Key West.

Tom and Cindy live in Iowa. Travel frequently.

What follows was motivated by my President John Tyler story yesterday.

Tom e-mailed he and Cindy were visiting Virginia 20 years ago. Visiting Cindy’s sisters and old historical properties.

Went down a back road. The area referred to as Sherwood Forest. Lovely home before them. estate style. No sign signifying whose home.

Tom did not expect to meet Robin Hood. However, he was curious. Went up and looked through a window.

A man came out. What are you doing, who are you, etc.?

Turned out the occupant of the home was President John Tyler’s grandson. Tom says he is still alive today.

Tom is a history buff. All excited to meet Tyler’s grandson. John Tyler lived during George Washington’s time and here he was talking to his grandson.

Crazies pop up all the time. Through all time.

On this day in 1692, the Salem Witch Hunts began. Before a stop was put to the craziness, more than 150 men and women were accused of Satanic practices. Nineteen men and women were executed. Eighteen by hanging and one by crushing.

Nice neighbors!

Would you believe, even a baby was accused of being a witch.

Even worse, the State got involved. Two special courts were set up to hear the witch cases. For a while, every one believed Satan was about.

My evening fixed. Dinner and a movie with friends. The Academy Award winning movie.

Enjoy your day!


  1. How could you have possibly liked the Presidents speech. I’m not surprised by your statements.

    Actually 20 were executed as a result of the witch trials. At least this year you got the manner of execution almost right. 19 were hanged and one pressed. However many more died from diseases contracted while in jail/prison waiting for trial.

  2. Louis,I sure would like to comment on several topics that you covered in your morning blog. However, I will limit my comment to only the amphitheater topic. I am trying to discover who is or will be in charge of events. I aim for the very first event to be the famous operetta Pirates of Penzance. This is historical for Key West. In Feb. 1935 it was performed by many local conchs for 3000 conchs and tourists at the west end of Southard on the grounds of the now removed Battery Dilworth.

  3. Pres. Trump held it together, finally. Nothing new revealed for the most part, a reiteration if you will, but with less negativity. I continue to be wary of his need to keep impracticable promises. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing some detail to how we pay for his agenda. There are still too many distortions in his shtick, untruthful statements and not-so-well hidden jabs at past Administrations. He needs to knock that off or decide if he is reaching across the aisle an olive branch or a club.

  4. “I am not going to waste my time or yours being specific.”

    Sorry, but that’s not “fair”. If you have a difference, you either have to spit it out or suck it up.

    in the opinion of one fat old white guy injineer


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