Things have gone from bad to worse. Worse is going to worst.

Trump either cannot see or does not care what the effects of his governing wrought. Ability to purchase food for example is getting beyond the capabilities of many of Americans. It will continue to get bad. Minimal temporary relief will be available when the new stimulus package finally becomes law. Then what?

My intent is to zero on one issue in this blog: A food shortage. Basically beginning with where we are, how the problem will develop, and finish by joining the problem with Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.

Ryan Cooper wrote an article on the issue in the 8/14/20 edition of The Week titled: Are Bread Riots Coming To America?  I shall be sharing paraphrased parts of the article in combination with my thoughts.

The new stimulus package is desperately needed. With the House and Senate home campaigning, nothing may happen till September. Trump does not seem to care whether it ever becomes law. He eats every day and has a roof over his head.

More people with fewer dollars will be the picture this month. The stimulus dollars have stopped till a new bill becomes law. Such means more will be without sufficient funds to feed their families.

The present recession is moving rapidly to becoming greater than the Great Depression.

So many need the stimulus benefits. In addition to Washington not resolving the problem, state bureaucracies are so swamped they are not processing unemployment benefits timely at their end.

A double whammy to many who need governmental funds to survive.

Does the present situation lend itself to food protests and riots? Soon. Seattle, Portland, Washington D.C. and New York City will look like kid stuff.

Many people are down to their last dollar or flat broke, facing eviction or living on the streets, unable to afford vital prescriptions and food.

Many cupboards are already bare, children eating neither frequently nor properly.

The U.S. is at the tip of the iceberg. Ready to topple.

Millions were left out of the initial CARES Act rescue.

With the new stimulus bill sitting in limbo, the numbers are chilling. Twelve percent of households are regularly short of food, 21 percent of renters behind in payments, 28 percent of children living in households with one or the other problem.

The longer it takes to get the new stimulus package out, the worse it will get.

What happens when the new stimulus runs out? Will there be another? Or will Trump and a number of Republican Senators renew their I don’t care attitudes.

The situation will quickly develop into one where the government has the monies to help, can’t agree on how much, etc. and nothing gets done.

Initially there will be food available at the farms and in meat packing houses. No way will be available to get the food to market, however. Super market shelves will go bare. Because people will not be able to be payed and/or people will not have money to make purchases, the farmers will stop farming, the meat packing houses close, and the super markets go out of business. The whole system will die.

Greece of 10 years ago all over again.

Which brings to mind the French Revolution which began in 1789. A starving people rose up in fury and overthrew the government.

Charles Dickens in A Tale Of two Cities described the situation well. One which could occur here.

Legend has it that when Marie Antoinette was told the poor had no bread, she responded: “Let them eat cake.”

She did not care. Her comment was an invitation to revolt. The people did. She lost her head.

Trump does not care for the people, his people. It would be typical of Trump to say something like let them eat bread.

Trump would not lose his head. He would lose the election, however. Typical. He has been a consistent loser.

If Trump were to lose the election and refuse to leave the White, such would be the last straw. People would storm the White House as the French did the Bastille.

Enjoy your day!

19 comments on “LET THEM EAT CAKE

  1. We are living it what has become a VERY screwed up country. All country have things that are less than perfect, but we’ve managed to go WAY beyond that and in only a little over three years. That just shows what can be done with a bad apple at the top, seizing control and running things only his way.

    He runs America like the swamp he’s always lived in, no wonder we stink!

  2. Trump has no constitutional authority to send stimulus funds to the American people. Only Congress can do that, and Congress is on vacation. House Representatives will be out until September 14th. The Senate will reconvene on September 8th. Stalemate.

    Americans desperate for Immediate relief are screwed.

    • Everybody knew when this recess would be, Trump knew his grandstanding gesture was not actually doable. Americas are desperate and they are screwed. Let’s stop acting like this is a surprise and demand that the Senate start acting like they should and at least debate the mill congress sent them last May. We also need to ask our president why he hasn’t called them into the White House and tried to work something out.

    • Hey Thomas J. or whoever you really are), the same sycophant that just a few days ago was trying to congratulate Donald Trump for “having broken the log jamb” so that your fake son could get some free government money, without having to work for it, while he was out of work because of Trump’s screwed up pandemic to begin with?

      And wasn’t it you that tried to play the victim when several people posted about how Trump’s solution was a bogus hoax and that it wouldn’t work and that the Senate wasn’t taking this seriously and only trying to help Trump pull off an election campaign stunt?

      …and wasn’t it you that started to cry on Lou’s blog about being attacked.

      Thomas J., why don’t you just stop with your flip flopping nonsense and not so clever attempts and just trying to start trouble.

  3. Stimulus moneu is available and waiting. The problem is that Pelosi wants 1 Trillion to bail out democratic states that are failing and in deep debot i.e. Ny, NJ, Illinois, CA, etc…. Bsil out for states has nothing to do with helping folks during this pandemic….. Easy to blame Trump, but not in this case

  4. Thank you for your concern about my family.

    My son, like so many others, is still Looking for work. And you are still a jerk.

    Eventually my son will find a way to feed his family and will be okay. And eventually you will still be a jerk.

    Adios, indeed.

    • So you are the guy that tried to throw kisses on Trump and are now trying to float a different story. Please tell us all why we should believe you then, or why we should believe you now and especially why we should believe you about the story about your son, either.

      We’re in a middle of a big problem and all’s you want to do is make up sh*t to start trouble. Take “Charlie’s” advise and help your son yourself rather than spending all your time trying to fool Lou’s readers with crap.

      • I’m guessing that Lou allows the hateful and vitriolic comments and accusations on his blog because they are fascinating from an anthropological point of view. Anonymity can bring out the best in humans, such as a large donor to a charity who wishes to remain unknown. And anonymity can bring out the worst traits, such as the blog poster who hides behind it while heaping scorn and mockery on a fellow member of the blog community.

        The obvious problem with that is the lack of any real knowledge about the person being targeted. My accuser in this case doesn’t know me, my ethnicity, history, personality, education level, life experience or political leanings. All of these things must somehow be guessed at in order to fit the accuser’s image of me. In legal terms those would be called “facts not in evidence”, right Lou? So the results are often completely wrong.

        My cellmate here in prison finds the attacks against me to be hilarious. And she is right. They are very funny.

        • thomas it seems to me that any criticisms of what you have written and what you believe are wrongful attacks on you are someone else’s opinions, exactly what you are claiming you should be free from maybe you might want to ask your cellmate wife if that is true and if she thinks that you too are full of crap and just will not accept that

          • Thank you, Linda. She often tells me I am full of crap. But just to be clear, she is my cellmate, not my “wife”. I have enough to deal with here without that additional label.

  5. First of all, you shouldn’t azzume anything about me not knowing you. If you like I can publish facts.

    Second, you should stop trying to change the subject every time you are caught lying.

    Third you should not accuse others of hiding behind anonymity when you yourself hid behind a false name to post things that are untrue as to facts, or to you and your family.

    Fourth publishing untruths and then trying to claim them as opinions is dishonest. Opinions based on factual nonsense are still lies.

    Fifth your opinions, are still subject to scrutiny and criticism, regardless of what YOU think.

    Tell the truth and stop changing your story when you get caught and you probably won’t find anyone attacking you. Of course then you will not be able to complain that people are NOT attacking your personally, but actually criticizing your dishonest content.

    • Yeah, why are you always claiming people are attacking you personally. Apart from calling you dishonest, which seems arguably honest in itself, I don’t see where anybody is attacking anything personal about you. Get a grip, stop crying.

  6. You have a long history of posting things on this website with marginal basis in accuracy(or honesty) which always seem to me to be provocative attempts to draw criticisms. Then rather than defend your argument, you seem to always claim and argue what you call are personal attacks on you. It’s as if you always want to play the martyr rather than honestly have anything useful to say. Do you really think anyone here cares that much about you personally? It is probably that people see through your thin skin game. I would recommend you seek some other method of acquiring abuse.

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