Don’s Place was my first stop last night. Chatted with Don, David, Stan and Clare. I will be having dinner with all of them tonight.

Then to the Chart Room. Jean had organized a small informal party for Peter. Old friends all. Good to be with them. We sat at the round table and talked. Enjoyable conversations. Some picture taking. Jean must have posted some on FB. Someone already wrote me this morning asking if I knew how to smile.

Roger and Cheryl were at the bar. I joined them a little later. My Cleveland area friends. Good company! Good people!

While I was with Roger and Cheryl, Tom and Francis from the Buffalo area arrived. I was expecting them. They were due in yesterday. Tom is a Syracuse fanatic as I. They only had time for one drink as they were meeting someone for dinner.

Dinners were scheduled. I am having dinner with Tom and Fran saturday night. With Roger and Cheryl, next wednesday.

Tonight, dinner at Benihana. Don and Jennifer’s birthdays being celebrated. A guaranteed good time!

Some things rub me wrong. I am compelled to speak out.

The Eric Garner grand jury result in NYC. The heavy black man, purportedly in a choke hold by a police officer, who died. He was selling loose cigarettes on the street at the time.

No indictment.

The Chinese say one picture is worth a thousand words. Not in this case. Based on the video alone, this appears to be a case of murder or manslaughter. Another example off those who are able to get away with murder under the guise of protecting and serving. Harsh words, but true.

I consider the grand jury result an American tragedy. One more in a long line. Something is seriously wrong when the people policing us and those who make the laws do not appear to be working for us.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “FRIENDS NIGHT

  1. Was the complete video watched ? Garner having been arrested 31 times previously was clearly resisting arrest. The video appears to show excessive force, but, the grand Jury must know something we don’t. But, bottom line, had Garner complied he would probably still be breathing.
    That said, my main question is, who cares about a few untaxed cigs.

  2. More info has been released [ Garner].
    The hold was not a ‘choke hold’, but, a ‘textbook’ ‘seatbelt maneuver’.
    Garner was speaking while being loaded into the ambulance. Speaking is breathing. The man was obese with a heart condition and died of a heart attack while being transported to the hospital.
    Maybe excessive force was used just for a few untaxed cigs, but, he should have complied and then sued for harassment which would have been more in line with the American way.

  3. it appears that commenter Patrick knows more than blogger Lou. ha. If Patrick were a Key West blogger, I would surely read with interest his daily blogs.

  4. Well, thats an idea ! We’ll be down there soon and Dueling Bloggers may be a good idea. Ratings should soar. [ smiley face ]
    More info has come out that the shop owners had called the police regarding Garner, and, governor Cuomo has started a crusade and task force regarding untaxed cigs. Just more info the Grand Jury heard that the public hasn’t.
    I don’t like doing this, but,,,,,

  5. Heraclitus said that “Character is destiny.” In all these police/citizen interactions, if the citizen was truly complying with orders of the police and surrendering or doing as commanded none of these issues would arise. Thanks to Rap, Rock, TV, Action movies, video games and activists who don’t want truth, they want change, their view of change that is where the police are but a suggestion for one’s behavior.

    It is simple, a law enforcement officer as the name implies is charged by society to enforce laws, codes that keep society intact and allowing billions to inhabit the earth. If a cop is incorrect in an arrest it is unwise to resist the Officer of the State as the State must always win in that encounter or the result is anarchy. As Patrick suggests and Lou knows, the remedy for a false arrest is a law suit. That is how society works.

    When a uniformed officer orders a citizen to take a certain action it is not request. Officers have the authority and duty to make a citizen comply using reasonable means. It is called the escalation of force and police must always be one step higher than the suspect, if the suspect surrenders all force ends, if not, then the suspect risks injury, even death. The State can never lose or Mad Max is at the door.

    Your own personal actions are your destiny, people need to take ownership and responsibility for them and stop blaming others. If you behave irresponsibly and stupidly you risk everything including your own life and the lives of others.

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