Stop one last night was Don’s Place. I knew Stan and Claire would be there. Wanted to talk with them.

Then to the Chart Room. I was fortunate to sit next to Frances Watson Clark. First time we met.

She is assembling photos of people and places in Key West for her next publication Images of Modern America. Her previous works involved three separate places in Virginia.

She showed me some of the pics she had compiled thus far re Key West. Included was a picture before my time of Che and Marty Leshaw.

Frances’ husband Chris is a retired banker. Their Key West home is on Eaton Street. They bought a dwelling first constructed in 1908 and remodeled it.

Frances and Chris spend two summer months and two winter months in Key West. Their home base is Marietta, Georgia.

Frances’ work is interesting. She agrees with the Chinese…..A picture is worth a thousand words!

Old friends reunited. David came into the Chart Room. Frances said I know you. Turns out they did business together when David was manager of Fast Buck Freddie’s on Caroline.

I intended to go home, have a sandwich and go to bed. Instead stopped at Outback and enjoyed a steak.

The Lobster Mini Season is over. The Coast Guard reports an uneventful season. No accidents, no injuries, no deaths. Some arrests for diving on lobster casitas, exceeding catch limits, and not having a proper license.

Lobster Season starts August 6. Key West will celebrate the event with its annual Lobsterfest August 7-10. A big deal! Lobster every where, cooked every way.

Harry Truman’s Mother In Law unusually enjoyed. Yesterday, I was stopped several times by persons telling me they did not know, how much they enjoyed the article, etc. The column published wednesday. It is linked to my Key West Lou website. Read the article. Interesting and revealing.

I have been critical of our judicial system. Many decisions not making sense. People losing respect for the law. Laws that do not respect them.

Citizens United the obvious case. The Supreme Court decision where the Court said corporations and the rich can contribute politically as much in dollars as they want.

Recall the Aurora theater shootings July 20, 2012. Twelve killed and 70 injured. James Holmes the shooter. Sandy and Lonnie Phillips’ daughter Lonnie Ghawi killed. The parents brought a lawsuit against the four Internet suppliers of the guns, ammunition and whatever else. Holmes’ mental state not the best. The parents felt some investigation should have been made to determine Holmes’ mental state and intentions. None was.

A federal trial court ruled against the Phillips, holding the four suppliers could not have known the shooter’s intentions and mental state.

A bad break for the parents. However such is the law across the country. Such has to be changed legislatively. Good luck! National and state legislators are cut from the same bolt. Owned by the gun manufacturers.

The thorn in the decision was not the result. It was what the Judge ordered after the trial had ended. The Judge ruled the Phillips were responsible for the attorney fees of the four suppliers. $220,000. A Colorado law requires the losing party to pay such costs.

The Phillips have since sold their home and furniture and anything else they could get their hands on. They now live in a trailer. They have paid $200,000 of the $220,000 thus far.

Lose your daughter! Lose your home! A shame. A disgusting shame. The Phillips’ tragedy a clear showing of the poor state of affairs in our legislatures and the courts who enforce the laws they pass.

Looking forward to tonight. Jenna and I are having dinner at L’Atitudes.

Enjoy your day!



  1. “A bad break for the parents. However such is the law across the country. Such has to be changed legislatively. Good luck! National and state legislators are cut from the same bolt. Owned by the gun manufacturers.”

    Actually the NRA is the gun lobby and they will not be satisfied until we have thoroughly revived the “Good Ol Wild West” and everybody had best be slingin at least an Uzi for a night out at the theater or wherever.

    I believe the Founding Dads wanted the young America to have a thriving militia to counterbalance the King, after all He was stealing all the arms and powder before our Revolution. However, what we have today is insane. I fully and totally support gun ownership but, in the same breath, I support tough background checks for every purchase and USA wide linkage of all state mental health databases. If you have nothing to hide then why not support a thorough investigation?

    And the same silly argument that only the law-abiding follow laws is illogical. If we had laws that made straw man purchases having punished such as by life in prison and gun owners civilly liable for what their guns are used for then we’d see some change. The US is the ONLY westernized nation with this problem of insane gun violence. We see it so much from terrorists and each pother we are immune to it I fear. We have a gun for every man, women and child now. Heck, a child up here just blew off another 3 year old’s head by accident a few days past. Not even newsworthy anymore.

    Look to Australia for a nation not unlike ours that dealt with their gun violence like adults and not action figures.

  2. The Phillips lost. No big surprise. Just what law[s] did the sellers break ? I doubt any.
    Agencies create their own little empires and don’t want to play well with others. Until laws change and agencies release info between each other, not much will change.
    I’m a big fan of gun ownership and an NRA member, but, I have no issue with licensing/registration and proper background checks. The recent stop-gap measures that have been implemented by politicians that have no idea what they are doing are ridiculous as they do nothing to correct the main issues.

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