Seven Fish is one of Key West’s most famous restaurants. For years it has operated out of a small space. Crowded dining.

Seven Fish is moving! To bigger and better quarters. They are going from 40 seats to 150. The location on Truman Ave. They are tearing down the Japanese restaurant building across from the adult book store. The new Seven Fish to have its own newly constructed building.

A local business moving on to bigger and better things.

Congratulations and best wishes to Seven Fish!

Spent a few hours yesterday morning writing this week’s KONK Life column. Greece In The Driver’s Seat. My thoughts as to what may come as a result of the recent elections.

Stopped back at Pier One yesterday. Bought two more table lamps. The bed side tables were bare.

I opted to watch Super Bowl from the comfort of my new recliner at home. The game was outstanding. Especially the last 20 seconds. Great football! Unusual football!

The turtles that had to be flown from the cold waters of Cape Cod to the Marathon Turtle Hospital are recovering. Twenty eight arrived. One died. Six still sick and will remain hospitalized for another month. Need more rest and antibiotics.

The remaining 21 were returned to the ocean yesterday. Well recovered and healthy. The 21 were boated 24 miles out to warm Gulf of Mexico waters and returned to their natural habitat.

The Marathon Turtle Hospital is a wondrous operation!

Enjoy your day!

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