The first bill passed by the new Republican House majority was to slash $80 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act Biden had signed into law. Told the American public the purpose of Biden’s $80 billion was to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to pursue and audit them. They also justified the slash claiming some of the monies were to arm the agents with guns. Threatening and scary.

An outright lie. The Inflation Reduction Act made it clear that the purpose of the $80 billion was to make “millionaires, billionaires, and corporations” pay taxes. The three groups that either successfully avoid paying taxes or pay little. The law also was to add technological upgrades to IRS processing.

Yesterday, it was announced that the IRS had sent out 12 million tax refunds totaling nearly $15 billion after making corrections to taxes that were filed. The refunds averaged $1,232. The Republicans have made no mention of this refund.

Why the refund? Another Biden law made it possible. The American Rescue Plan of 2021. Biden signed it into law 3/21. The portion of the law requiring the refund concerned itself with taxpayers who overpaid on unemployment compensation in 2020. It excluded “up to $10,200 in unemployment compensation from taxable income allocations.”

The refunds impacted single taxpayers and married couples whose modified adjusted gross incomes were less than $150,000 in 2020.

Doesn’t sound to me like Biden was out to get the ordinary lower echelon taxpayer?

Two years in office and Biden signs 2 laws helpful to everyday American wage earners. Yet the devious House Republicans fail to even mention it. I’m sure they were aware of both laws and how they worked. Isn’t it their job to know?

The 1915 House of Representatives are reflective of a backward and repressive mentality similar to the new Republican House members. The 1915 House rejected 204-174 a proposed Constitutional amendment to give women nationwide the right to vote.

The new Republican House has only been in business 3 days. Their extreme views are like bugs coming out of the wood work. Good! Let the nation see what and who they are. The American people do not want extreme. They do not want political wars. They want their government to care for the peoples’ ordinary everyday needs.

Such was the election message of 2022. The Republicans are deaf and blind to it. They will pay a worse penalty in the next election.

Prohibition was a national tragedy. Key West experienced its share in getting rid of the booze this day in 1925. It was “legal sunshine” day at the Key West Custom House. Authorities poured various brands of confiscated liquor into the ocean near the western foot of Greene Street.

The fish got drunk!

On this day in 1969, I sat with my father in his living room watching Super Bowl III. I will never forget. I doubt anyone who recalls the game will.

The American Football League was relatively new. The New York Jets were a member of the League. Every team in the League considered by most as second class citizens.

The game was played in the Orange Bowl. Joe Namath was the Jets quarterback. He was before the game as he is now. Loud, boisterous and confident. He repeatedly said, “We’re going to win!” No one agreed. He was laughed at.

Namath and the Jets did win 16-7.

What a game!

It was Syracuse/Virginia Tech last night. Syracuse won 82-72. Syracuse took a 20 plus lead at the beginning of the second half and never was in trouble thereafter.

Syracuse seems to improve with each game. Even the ones they lose. I hope they continue the pace. By the end of the season and entering the playoffs, they will be a power if they do.

Never had dinner last night with Dan and Lisa Reardon. He is a Syracuse fan also. We opted to watch the game instead. Dan at his place and me in mine. We are having dinner tonight at Antonia’s. It will be good to see them.

Busy day even before dinner time. A haircut with Lori at noon and manicure with Tammy at 1.

Enjoy your day!


  1. What’s in those top-secret docs Biden stole from the White House six years ago, and has been hiding in Delaware and Pennsylvania? And when will the FBI raid his beachfront (no global warming or Sealevel rise in Delaware apparently) home?

  2. While trump has no excuse for stealing top secret docs, Biden does. He’s farkin senile! He needs a timer to remind him to change his diaper.

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