I did it! My first blog talk radio show. This morning at 7. I was nervous and excited.

One problem. No one called in. Hard to do a talk show without someone to talk with. I know people listened. Blog Talk Radio provides a list of callers after the show. One listener was from as far away as Italy.

PLEASE…..Listen and CALL IN to chat with me next week! As the saying goes, I was all alone by the telephone.

Jerry Gapinski is a loyal Key West Lou blog reader. He suggested an easier way to get into the blog talk radio site. It eliminates one or two steps. You still have to go to the Search Bar, delete it, and type in Current Events. From that point follow the specific instructions I provided in my 12/16/12 Key West Lou blog.

Thank you, Jerry!

One final thought. Several of you who read my daily blog periodically write to me to disagree with a position I might have taken. Some strongly. Where were you this morning? Lets have a dialogue. Call in!

Yesterday, I walked Home Depot again. I notice my legs get tired within the first 10 minutes. I cannot understand why. Fat or skinny, my legs look terrific. They are muscular. Appear to be the legs of an athlete.

Ran some errands.

Worked on this morning’s radio show and friday’s TV/Internet show.

I am getting despondent with the diet. I need to see success. Success to me is the scale. I have been stalemated at 16 pounds for a week. I am beginning to feel sorry for myself. Not good. Soon I will say what the hell and have a drink!

My thanks to those who listened to today’s blog radio show. To those who did not, I still love you. I bear you no ill will. Please however listen in next week.

Enjoy your day!


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