Early Monday morning, a man threw a brick through Mangia Mangia’s window and then ran. He will not run far. The entire episode was recorded on a security video camera.

The video somehow showed up on Facebook. It was all over Facebook yesterday. It will not be difficult to catch the culprit.

The weather has turned. Finally. The days are warm as they should be this time of the year. The evenings comfortable.

Key West’s grande dame and most respected woman died recently. Edith Amsterdam. A Celebration of her Life will be held saturday from 1-4 on the Curry Mansion porch. The Curry Mansion property will not be large enough to accommodate those who attend. Edith was well loved.

Yesterday was a typical tuesday. A run to Walgreens and Publix. The afternoon spent fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

A couple of topics garnered the most interest. Bou Bou and Venezuela.

Bou Bou is the baby sleeping in a play pen in the middle of the night when a SWAT tam in Cornelia, Georgia broke into the house. Flash bang grenades were thrown as the police rushed in. One of the grenades fell on the pillow next to baby Bou Bou’s face. Disfigurement the result. Bou Bou today at 19 months looks like a waif in a war torn country walking down a street. The child’s face twisted and scarred.

A judge approved Bou Bou’s settlement against the responsible parties friday. $3.6 million. I broke down the figure to show how much actually would be left for Bou Bou after attorney fees and medical bills. I questioned whether it was enough.

Venezuela. The country that ran out of toilet paper four years ago. Still  out of toilet paper. Out of food, also. And, money. Venezuela is in the process of liquidating what is left of its gold reserve. Not to provide food and toilet paper to it citizens. To pay debt interest to banks and other countries.

Enjoy your day!




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