March 15 is the Ides of March. The date most significant in 44 B.C. Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Sixty members of the Roman Senate conspired to kill him. Their excuse…..He had become too powerful and his power had become a danger to Rome.

One of Caesar’s assassins was Brutus. Brutus was Caesar’s closest friend.

Caesar was stabbed 23 times. He saw his good friend Brutus standing above him just before he died. Caesar’s last words were: “Et tu, Brute.” Translated: “And you, Brutus” and “You too, Brutus.”

Makes one think what are friends for.

In any event, the scene did not play out as described. Caesar never said the words attributed to him re Brutus. Shakespeare wrote the scene and created Brutus’ words in the “Tragedy of Julius Caesar.”

March 15, 1972 important to movie goers. Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” opened. Recognized as one of the greatest movies of all time.

A report came out last week that only 75 percent of House of Representative members have been vaccinated. The 75 percent number confirmed. Twenty five percent have not been vaccinated. This number not confirmed.

The 25 percent have created a behind the scenes serious problem. The House has not yet returned to normal rules of operation. Distancing one of the problems. Voting takes 3 times longer than in pre-Pandemic times.

The Office of Attending Physician in a memo continues to recommend social distancing and mask wearing.The Office of Attending Physician is seldom heard of. Such does not diminish its important role. The Office is responsible to and for the House of Representatives, Senate, and U.S. Supreme Court.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is under siege. He appears to on his way out.

There is an investigation being conducted by the Attorney General’s office. Based on allegations made by several different women.

It would be nice if Cuomo was afforded the same rights as an alleged murderer. The murderer is not condemned to death till he has received due process in the form of a trial.

The investigation, though not perfect from a legal sense, is Cuomo’s due process. He should not be hanged until the investigative report is complete and made public.

Word is Cuomo has no friends, political or otherwise. His “friends” are abandoning him like rats from a drowning ship. Apparently Cuomo is a “hardass” the way he runs his political shop.

It is also reported some of his staff workers have begun refusing to come to work.

All disturbing, but not any indication of guilt.

The U.S. over the years with accusations of sexual wrongdoing by power figures against women has become what I would describe as “Guilt by Allegation.”

Not fair, not right. Due process required in these instances.

Note, I am not suggesting his guilt or innocence. Let the investigation be the judge.

Some things happen that are hard to believe. The NCAA tournament selections came out last night. I was convinced Syracuse had little if any chance.

I was mistaken.

Syracuse has been invited to the tournament.  Even more surprising, as a #11 seed. Syracuse opens in the Midwest Region friday night at 9:40 in Indianapolis. Syracuse’s opponent the #6 seed San Diego State.

An 11th seed is not bad. If my memory is correct, Syracuse was an 11th or 13th seed when it won the Final Four. It was a #11 seed when it made it to the championship game. Whatever.

Go ‘Cuse!

Enjoy your day!

29 comments on “ET TU, BRUTE

  1. Coumo has two problems, he’s a bully, a prick, a little too insensitive with how he speaks with subordinates AND most importantly, ROGER STONE, the same guy who went after Elliot Spitzer, then also Governor of New York Sate.

    Let’s not forget. Andrew Coumo was a thorn in Trump’s side and made him (Trump) look bad on more than one occasion. Trump publicly vowed then that he would “get him.”

    Roger Stone is Trump’s former business partner and friend, whom he (Trump) pardoned from criminal convictions. One can speculate there might have been “conditions”for that pardon.

  2. The New York Times posted a 4,900-word piece today, “Nursing homes have manipulated the influential star system in ways that have masked deep problems — and left them unprepared for Covid-19.”

    The piece does not mention Cuomo, who ordered nursing homes to take in covid-19 patients when the pandemic began. It does not mention the 3 other Democrat governors who followed suit.

    The failure to mention Cuomo is pretty remarkable. It is akin to writing about the sinking of the Titanic without mentioning the iceberg.

    • Of course they didn’t mention Coumo, it was a piece about NURSING HOMES and how that whole thing is a racket, ripe for problems like Covid. The Coumo part is political nonsense being peddled to people like you who will believe it and do the amplifying. Nothing to do with serious journalism. The Iceberg was the cause of the Titanic tragedy. Coumo was not the cause of the tragedy at Nursing Homes, Covid and the way nursing homes are run, was the the cause of that tragedy and the NYT got it right. Sorry you can’t grasp that and sorry it doesn’t fit your scenario, but that was exactly what your handlers knew they could get out of you and your ilk.

      You really do need to work on your comprehension skills and spend a little less effort with that hate thing.

  3. The flood gates opened and Democrat women in New York are piling on Cuomo in a media firestorm aimed at running another New York governor out of town. He’s walking around the mansion in a daze and a blankie. Democrats are about to dump him. 10 years of loyal corruption will go down the drain.

    • It also did not mention, DeSantis ordering deaths in Florida nursing homes not to be counted or abuses by other Republican governors.

      Wy is it that your posts here are almost always biased, particularly singling out Coumo and/or omitting facts that often change the whole meaning of what was written, just to make YOUR points?

    • Your comments about Coumo seem to be just more of what is really being “piled on” and seem to be more of what we are hearing from the right wing wacko press – word for word – than any personal thoughts or observations (“He’s walking around the mansion in a daze and a blankie”), you yourself could ever be privy to.

      Are you paid to make Roger Stone style smear remarks, or do you do this sort of thing on your own?

  4. You have to know that Trump never believed that there was any voter fraud. He knows his base like a book and knew that they would dutifully fall for anything he came up with.

  5. On March 27,2020 Cuomo signed the order requiring New York nursing homes to admit COVID patients and those elderly patients exposed to COVID. No one made him sign it, no one talked him into it, and no other Governor signed such an order. This is Cuomo’s cross to bear. His alone.

  6. WAPO has just admitted lying about a Trump GA statement about fraud. Good for them.
    Yet now the rest of MSM is criticizing them for it. Typical, criticizing for correcting a mistake.

    However, it would also be nice if the rest of the lies about Trump were corrected.

  7. FYI, just in case its not known by some, some European countries are stopping the AZ vaccine due to blood clot issues.

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