Second time I am writing about termites in a week. A different kind of termite. One I have never heard of nor believe experienced in my Key West home.

Called subterranean termites. The word is they are destroying Key West.

Termites come in many varieties. I thought there was only one. The kind that feed on wood in your house. Subterranean ones sort of make a line around the house outside and from there do the dirty deed.

Subterraneans are Asian in origin. They arrived in the Keys on Stock Island in the 1990’s. Entered onto Stock Island from a boat docked there.

Since that time they have developed a habitat throughout the Keys.

Subterraneans are most active in February and March. Now! They swarm during the two months having a significant impact on the Keys.

They are considered unusually bad because of their sheer numbers and potential to cause structural damage. Whereas the normal termites that are tented for in Key West are munching away on a home for several years before being treated, damage by subterraneans is an onslaught and must be treated quickly.

Harry Truman again. Beloved President. Lover of Key West. He visited again. On this day in 1950, he arrived for a three week vacation at The Little White House.

Truman made 11 trips to Key West totaling 175 days.

I wish someone had written a book about his walking experiences in the morning, the locals he met, the business establishments he frequented, etc.

Very infrequent I have come across such an item. Accidentally found in a diary kept by one of his assistants that noted every minute of every day. Unfortunately, not all the experiences I referred to were kept by the assistant. Perhaps too personal.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc) is a bigot. Unquestionably. You have heard his words the past two days re January 6 where he claims he feared not because those protesting were good American citizens. Noting he would have been afraid if they were Black Lives Matter or some other black organization. He did not refer to a second group as “some other black organization.” However the implication was clear.

Most of us have had encounters with bigots over the ears. I definitely have. I learned that a bigot does not know he is a bigot. Rather he considered himself a good citizen who loves all peoples and tries to help them. The “loves all peoples” is not reflected in his everyday life, however.

A bigot is delusional.

Years ago, I had to work in front of a judge who was a bigot. Many trials. A smart legal mind. Bigoted, however.

When I tried a case before him where the attorney opposing me was a Wasp, my objections were generally denied. My opponent’s always sustained.

However if I was trying a case against a lawyer of a different ethnic background, I won. I even won when the opposing attorney was another Italo-American.

I recall one attorney who I tried a number of cases against. In front of the same judge. Not only was he a Wasp, his automobile’s license plate number read: WASP 2.

Such is life.

Even funnier, the judge invited me to his daughter’s wedding. I could never figure out why.

Poor Socrates. One of the wisest men to have walked the earth. Greek. Way back when.

Two statements by him are often found in other writings. The quotes refer to “wisdom.”

“The only true wisdom is in knowing your knowing”

“I am the wisest man alive for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

Socrates’ wisdom did him in. His philosophy generally became diametrically opposed to the political leaders of Athens. They tried him for his “erroneous statements” and condemned him to death. It was 399 B.C.. Socrates was 71.

Socrates could have avoided death had he fled Greece. He could have. The opportunity was available. He declined wanting to make a point. What, I am not sure.

Death was by poisoning. Forced suicide poisoning. He drank the drink. Hemlock. He faced death calmly. He chatted with friends during the 2-3 hours it took him to die.

Regarding his pending execution, Socrates said, “I was really too honest a man to be a politician and live.”

Tuesday again. My blog talk radio show tonight at 9 my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I will be putting the show together this afternoon. Whatever it ends up being, guaranteed it will be interesting. A quick moving half hour. Join me.

Enjoy your day!



  1. No mention of the Grammy Awards. Not surprising I guess. All America being subjected to the W A P performance apparently is fine, but, Dr Seuss has to be cancelled.

    • I didn’t watch it. But NBC says the ratings were down 53% from last year to an all time low. Maybe people are getting tired of whatever is called “music” now. Or maybe the performers are just losing their fans for other reasons.

  2. Not liking a W A P performance on prime time TV is racist ! Spoken like a true progressive ! I hope your teenage daughter enjoyed the show, I’m sure your son would have.

    • Willie, you racist turd troll – You are not good enough to play a gotcha scam on Lou’s blog, this isn’t a collection of the low life Qanon readers you are likely more used to. And as far as you being the victim on this, tell it to Jim Kones, if he too hasn’t tired of your high school nonsence.

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