Some have arrived. Many more will be coming. College students on spring break. Barbarians one and all. Bringing with them two of the Four Horsemen: Pestilence and Death.

Pestilence the infectious COVID-19 disease. Death speaks for itself.

The coronavirus traveling with them will infect other students and locals.

Illness and death will follow.

Not worth the trip.

At the moment, the college people are just arriving. Their numbers increasing each day. The next two weeks will find Key West bursting at the seams.

No face masks. Kissing and sexual intercourse. No social distancing.


Their numbers may increase unfavorably. Miami is the spring break destination this year. However Miami has not eliminated or eased up on many restrictions. Even after Governor DeSantis ordered restrictions removed 100 percent.

The merchants and residents of Miami are smarter than the Governor.

Miami curfew a problem. In bed by midnight not attractive. Unless two have already agreed to spend the night together.

Florida remains in chaos re the pandemic. DeSantis may have removed the restrictions. Makes no difference to the virus. It never went away.

Additional virus will be brought by the students to our island community. Including variants.

Guaranteed a number of locals, students, and those who live wherever they return to will be infected. Within two weeks following the end of spring break, the numbers will confirm the representation.

Local merchants and know it all students to blame. Nothing can be done. The die is cast. What will be, will be.

Key West an historical place for many reasons. Another was added this past week.

The Little White House received through the benevolence of a Texas millionaire one of Harry Truman’s limousines which was a part of his private collection.

The donated limousine was used by Truman when visiting New York City. The years 1945-1953. Nine different cities had private limousines specifically for use when the President visited.

It is different today. Air Force One carries the Presidential limousine whenever the President travels on it.

Truman’s limousine received limited service. Mileage as of this date 32,000.

The Limousin will be part of the Little White House Tour. Rides will be available. Conchs are those born in Key West. Some families are deeply rooted in Key West. Their Conch ancestors go back several generations.

Termites are Conchs in a sense. They have been a part of Key West for many many years.

Termites come to mind because of a photo in yesterday’s Key West Citizen. The picture was of Sloppy Joe’s. Not from years ago. Rather taken early in Key West’s lock down because of the virus.

The photograph was of Sloppy Joe’s. Sloppy Joe’s was tented. The first tenting in 103 years.

Hundreds of children are crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico to the United States daily. Some with parents, some without. Those without clutching a piece of paper with the name, address and telephone number of a relative living in the U.S.

A video appeared on the internet this morning showing the crossing by adults and children.

These are desperate people! It is evident in their facial expressions. Most have already traveled 2,000 miles. Determination written on the faces of adults. Fear on the faces of children. Most of the younger children terrified, crying, and worried.

Seventy five percent of the children are teenagers 15-17. The remaining 25 percent of a lesser age.

Biden has his hands full. The primary reason the numbers of those seeking refuge has increased is that Biden said during the campaign he was going to solve the immigration problem. He gave no date, however. Note he has only been President 52 days. He needs time, even though those coming to U.S. shores do not recognize the problem.

I am confident Biden will deal with the problem and not the way Trump did.

The Department of Health and Human Services are the point. It reported this past week there are 8,500 minors in shelters. An additional 3,500 stuck in Border Patrol stations waiting for beds to open elsewhere.

The average influx of minors has been 500 a day. However, this past wednesday the number hit 700.The Department further reported there has been a three-fold increase since December.

Biden has had a “tent facility” erected in Texas to ease the situation till more adequate arrangements can be made. He intends to open further tent facilities in California and Virginia shortly.

My left leg is improving. I am into my third week of problems with it. The pain was horrible. Walking next to impossible. Even with the cane.

Don’t ask me what the problem is. No one seems to know. I have had tons of tests from everything serious to non-serious. Still don’t know.

Fortunately I am happy to report the leg seems to be getting better the past 2 days. Significantly so.

My problem has nothing to do with falling.

Enjoy your Sunday! Walk, run, bicycle…..Use those legs!


  1. Lou, do you suppose that our Governor (DeSantis), should be held as responsible for the MURDER of thousands of people here in Florida during Spring Break, for having lifted all the restrictions re: Covid protection, in the same way Republicans are trying to smear NYS’ Governor (Cuomo) for doing what they say he did?

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