A genius of a businessman. Henry Ford. It was on this day in 1908 he introduced the Model T automobile to the world.

A gigantic success.

Ford mass produced them. Produced them to sell cheaply. He had a vision. He saw a market for cars affordable to middle class Americans.

Success was his. Everyone’s, actually. Most people were now able to own their own cars.

Ford is credited with “Fordism.” The mass production of not only automobiles. The mass production of inexpensive goods coupled with high wages for his workers. Ford paid his employees well. They were his first customers. They could afford to buy the automobiles they helped produce.

“It ain’t over till it’s over!! Famous words of Yogi Berra. Later turned into a song made popular by Starship and Lenny Kravitz in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

The term applies to coronavirus also. Too many people are under the impression the worst is over. They walk the streets without masks. Engage in crowds without social distancing. Travel all over the U.S. and world.

Bad! The worse is not even close to being behind us.

This weekend in Key West the perfect example. The town will be jam packed. Few if any mask wearers. Crowding. Everyone placing themselves in a position of jeopardy. Many failing to have been vaccinated.

How many more must die or become seriously sick before they understand?

I am sick of Washington and the way it is handling these bills. Ergo, I will speak little of the problem today. We all know and understand what is happening.

I do have one observation to make, however: Joe Manchin is an asshole!

Came across an interesting article by Erin Blackmore in the Smithsonian Magazine – History: Five Women Veterans Who Deserve To Have Army Bases Named After Them.

The thrust of the article is the U.S. Army has 10 installations named after Confederate generals and zero named after women.

Last week, I mentioned I stopped by the Eaton Street Seafood Market. Enjoyed a large lobster roll. Maine lobster roll.

Someone commented he thought I was wrong re the Maine part. He believed the rolls were made with Florida lobster.

Bothered me. I have been eating Maine lobster all my life. Generally during vacations on the Jersey Shore, northern coast of Long Island, Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.

There is decidedly a taste difference between Maine and Florida lobsters. Not intending to be a snob, my preference is for Maine lobsters. Their taste unique.

I decided to check to see if I was wrong.

First the internet. Looked up the Eaton Market. Five different sites. Six mentions of the type of lobster served. Five Maine, one Florida.

Yesterday was a doctor visit. Stopped on the way home at Eaton for a lobster roll. A chalk blackboard in front of the door. “Maine Lobsters.” Asked the woman working inside. She said Maine lobsters. In fact, looked at me as if I had insulted her employer.

I am glad it was Maine lobsters I was consuming. Everything is changing in my life. Some things have to remain the same.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Yeah, come to the Florida Keys, we have Maine Lobster and Alaskan King Crab.

    No wonder why so many people complain about The Keys, and particularly Key West, as not being so unique anymore.

  2. Lou, Try DJ’s Clam Shack on Duval. They definitely have Maine lobster rolls. I think they are better than Eaton St. but you should try one there and compare. Two years ago the lobster rolls at Eaton St.were Florida- glad they changed. Will have to try both in February.

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