Certain government officials have taken to testifying against Trump. More will probably do so. One may come forth with more information than that of all the others put together.

Politico Magazine this date has run an article asking who next will stand up to Trump. Who with great significance? More information than any other.

The cover of Politico is a picture of what purports to be the Last Supper. Trump, Jesus. The apostles surrounding him. An error or two. The “disciples” number 10 rather than 12. Also, there is no Mary Magdalene.

The purpose of the cover immediately obvious. Who of the men surrounding Trump would be his Judas?

There will be a Judas. Inevitable.

How Trump handles the attacks upon him I do not understand. So many. Daily. Such does not mean I am sympathetic to the man. As the good Book says, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

He deserves what is befalling him.

A new book being released November 19. Copies are already in the hands of the media. The book titled A Warning.

The author strange. Anonymous. Unusual. Yet Anonymous’ book already receiving notice and acclimation.

The work anti-Trump. Its contents spell out reasons against Trump’s re-election. The author believes the re-election would be courting disaster.

The book appears to be directed at the undecideds. Generally independents. The author suggests they supported Trump 3 years ago and have lived in a cave since. Time for them to come out and observe what has been going on.

The author is thought to be a high ranking White House official. Described as a senior administration official. A Republican at heart. He appears happy with conservative judicial appointments, deregulation, and tax cuts. His concern is with Trump’s stability. As reflected by his “unbecoming” behavior and “unseemly antics.”

One example of Trump’s unforgiveable conduct occurred at the time of John McCain’s death. The flag above the White House was at half staff in memorial and recognition of McCain. Trump ordered the flag raised above half mast. Trump was “determined to use his office to limit the nation’s recognition of John McCain’s legacy.”

Out of the blue comes Michael Bloomberg! If he seriously intended to run, he should have joined the other Democratic hopefuls at the beginning. Not now after almost a year of them campaigning.

I respect Bloomberg. Think he would make a great President. Have said it several times over the years. I dislike however his method and timing for entering the race.

What Bloomberg is saying in effect is that he does not consider the present front runners as competent. Horrible! Hurting the candidacy of each!

By his announcement that he was filing for the Alabama primary, Bloomberg comes off as another Trump: I am a rich man and can do what I want.

By his conduct, he has hurt himself, the Democratic Party and the United States. He could very well be what Trump needed to get a second term.

Two thing have impressed me in my life. Man walking on the moon and the Berlin Wall coming down. Both impossible till they happened.

Thirty years ago on November 9, 1989, the people of East and West Berlin began taking the Wall down. At 10 in the evening. The impossible had become possible.

Two great American Presidents spoke at different times in Berlin re the Wall.

John Kennedy in Berlin June 26, 1963 before 450,000. He said, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” “I am a citizen of Berlin.”

Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987. His words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

A side thought. What happened to Presidents the quality of Kennedy and Reagan? Trump is certainly no Kennedy or Reagan.

This day in 2016, a sad day for America. Trump defeated Clinton for the Presidency.

Yesterday, my primary care physician. Dr. Norris.

Neither he, my heart physician Dr. McIvor, and the emergency room can tell me why the chest pains. Probably good. I hope.

Next week, 2 more doctors to visit. I am on a “specialist” route.

Workers require unions. Without, management controls. Working people are in danger of getting screwed. They generally do.

Yes, I support unions.

Unions are at a low level today. Management and most workers are happy that is so. A mistake. Non-unionized labor can only survive so long before employers take advantage.

All this a lead up to a labor situation in Key West. Back a few years. It was 1899. A strike had been ongoing at the Gato Cigar Factory. It was settled this day in 1899.

One of the first successful union led strikes in the U.S.

Florida has been part and parcel of Presidential elections in the modern era.  On this day in 2000, the famous Bush/Gore recount began.

Wednesday night, the official college basketball season began for Syracuse. Syracuse lost to Virginia 48-34.

Virginia was ranked #1 last year. The team must be as talented this year as last.

My alma mater may be causing my chest pains. Syracuse’s football season absolutely sucked. Much better is hoped of the basketball team.

Enjoy your day!




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  1. I worked hard today crafting a comment detailing why you should choose a Florida team instead of the chest pain causing Orangemen.

    But… since it wouldn’t post… and since a Florida team would herald your (and my) turning to heavy alcohol consumption, I now use the words of world famous Emily Litella:


  2. A minor point. Mary Magdalene was not at the table in Leonardo’s depiction of The Last Supper. The author, Dan Brown, put her there in his book “The Da Vinci Code”, but biblical scholars disagree.

    • Boy, you sure love to jump on Lou for the most minor of corrections, don’t you John. What’s with this mundane obsession?

    • Da Vinci’s Last Supper is actually painted on dry plaster. It covers an entire wall at the Refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. Refectory in this instance the dining room. In days gone by, I visited Milan many times. Loved the city! I first visited the Convent and viewed the Last Supper in 2000. Then again in 2001. I was in awe each time. A big deal just getting into the room where the Last Supper is. There is great concern for anything and everything affecting the work. I recall 2 separate type glass enclosed rooms tourists had to step into for a few minutes in each to ward off the possibility of bringing any germs or matters that would affect the Last Supper adversely into the room. I was aware of the historical context that Mary Magdalene was not in the painting. Art historians agree it was St. John. Da Vinci was apparently homosexual. He painted some men in a feminine fashion. As one faces the painting, the first person sitting to the left of Jesus is purportedly John. However the guide in each of my 2 visits asked us to look closely. He said many believed it was Mary Magdalene and not John. John or Mary, it looked like a woman. To add to the whole thing, the guides further brought to our attention “what appeared” to be a baby in Mary’s lap. The baby representing Jesus and Mary’s child. The 2 were believed to have married. Sounds sacrilegious. Not. I reported what I saw and was told. Brown’s Da Vinci Code was not published till 2 years after my last visit. Published in 2003. Brown said it was Mary. I did not get that information from Brown’s book however. Got it 2 successive years from the guides. I suspect no one knows for sure. The primary reason being Mary is not reported to have been sitting at the table at the Last Supper. If she was there at all, it was to help Jesus wash the feet of the Apostles. That last part an uncertainty also.

      • A very comprehensive response, Lou. Thank you. After all these years we can still learn from differing views of our art treasures.

        • Yeah John, maybe next time you won’t be so quick with your penny anti criticisms of Lou’s posts, you look like a jerk, with the “art views” mea culpa.

  3. Lou, I beg to differ with you on your accounting about the happenings of the Berlin Wall. By 1989 the Berlin Wall was a done deal, mostly irrelevant, at least with respect to how it once was. In fact by the time Ronald Regan gave his famous speech in 1987 the wall had become more a symbol than any sort of serious escape deterrent and was no longer much of an issue.

    True that there was no free trade or bus routes between the east and west, but by then few if any wall escapees were being stopped any more. I even have a piece of the wall my brother in law brought me back in 1988 with pictures of him and his buddies at one of the many holes along the west side.

    If you want a spine tingling example of what rocked that wall was the EAST Berlin, Bruce Springfield concert of 1988, yes 1988 and yes EAST Berlin. After that, the wall was but a yawn.

    That wall started to come down before 1987, if you aren’t aware of that, you were not paying much attention back then.

    • Your comments a bit inaccurate. Let’s start with the “Bruce Springfield” Concert on 7/19/1988. The star’s last name is Springsteen, not Springfield. The concert was arranged by the East German government. The East Germans were getting a bit unruly and the government wanted them to know it understood. The Springsteen concert was on the East German side of the wall. West Germans had to remain on the their side to listen. They were not permitted on the East German side. The pictures your brother brought back in 1988 showing a hole in the wall not surprising. The wall had already been up 29 years. Many tried to escape during those years by going over the wall or through a hole dug in the wall. The wall was not a done deal by 1987, 1988 or 1989. Reagan’s speech in 1987 was serious. The wall was still a problem and he wanted the wall taken down. On this day in 1989, the East German government announced East Germans could visit West Germany and Berlin. Crowds rushed to the wall. Many climbed to the top of the wall. All in a celebratory fashion. In the weeks following, a euphoric people and souvenir hunters chipped away at the wall. Official demolition did not begin till 6/1990 and was completed 11/1991.

    • Who would root for national fast food chains coming to Key West?

      Locals, because why?

      So they can then complain on how local businesses are failing, that’s why!

    • is an example of American free enterprise and is, if left completely unrestrained, quite possibly the last example of enterprise as we know it.

    • Maybe your experience at Dions had to do with you shuffling in there with your feet all sandy and your attitude all hateful towards Key West. Maybe your statements about your experience there reflected your feelings about having been told to “go back to where you came from” east of Cow Key? You do know that the owners and employees at Dions are of Cuban heritage and NOT from Puerto Rico, don’t you?

      • How should we react when our screen name is hijacked by another person posting here? Should I be amused? Irritated? Or just dispirited by the lack of creativity evident in this person.

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